Saturday, January 16, 2010

Yappy Barkday to a special little guy!

I have to interrupt the baby shower posts to wish a Happy 4th (or is it 28th) Birthday to my special little buddy!
Isn't he just the cutest!!
Just lounging...
I'm sure most of you picked up from reading this blog how much Cooper means to us! He really is part of our family and I honestly can't imagine life without him. He has definitely taught me patience over the years (and how to get stains out of the carpet!) but the decision to bring him home with us that day in May 2006 is one I have never regretted! Even when he eats our socks, barks non-stop, and has large vet bills. He is worth it all!
These pictures below are from his first few days with us. We rescued him in May of 2006 and I remember it like it was yesterday! An organization called Noah's Bark was set up in front of a Petco in Atlanta. We had been looking for a puppy for a couple of weeks but I had decided that I wanted either a Bichon or a King Charles Cavalier. I have never even heard of a Lhasa Apso! Well, we wandered over to the Petco to take a look and we spotted two pins of adorable puppies. We watched them play for a while and had our eye on him because he was pretty laid back. As I asked the girl working if I could hold him she pointed out that we were at the girl pin (bummer because I really wanted a boy) but when I told her which one I wanted to hold she informed us that actually he was the only boy in that pin and he was there because the other boy dogs were too aggressive for him. I'm telling you it was meant to be. We didn't put him back down until we got home!

So little and shaggy and definitely unsure!
Him and his brother and sisters were rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri. So it took him some time to finally warm up to us. But he is for sure attached now. He loves us as much as we love him. It's amazing how much joy a little doggy can bring you! But a highlight of my day is getting home to find him so excited to see me....every. single. day. That never gets old!

So, happy birthday Coopie dog!


H2's Mommy said...

Happy Birthday to my four legged nephdog! I told your mom to get you some nuggets to enjoy today...hopefully she did!

Amy said...

So true! My dogs are always excited to see me and it makes my day! Happy Birthday Cooper!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for picking me that day in May when you were looking for the perfect puppy. My life also changed that day and I'm so happy that you are my mom. You have given me the best life. Thanks for still loving me even though I like to chew up some of your stuff. I can't wait for my brother to get here...I will try not to chew anything that belongs to him. I've really loved all of the treats you gave me today!
Today was a great birthday!
I love you,

BeLLa said...

Happy belated barkday Coopie ~ we'll have a party when i come out with your aunt sadie and aunt annie in a few weeks. xoxo...ginny

willson said...

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