Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The best day of my life!

Let me start by saying this is going to be a long post! But I don't want to leave anything out from the most special time of our lives!
We are all doing great! We are so in love with our little boy and enjoying every second with him!! He is just precious and I swear I could just sit and hold him and look at him all day...which is why I'm just now getting these pictures up! Maybe I'll cut my sister some slack...I now realize how difficult it can be to get anything else done when you have babies! =)
Hard to believe this was 1 week ago.
All of our families were here and we went to eat at Olive Garden last Tuesday night. It was great spending time with everyone while we waited on our little guy to get here.

Trying to explain to Cooper what was about to happen. I think he understood because he has been awesome with Sawyer!!
Wednesday morning. Our last little family picture as just the 3 of us. We had to be at the hospital at 7:30am.
All checked in and the induction was started. Look at my belly - he favored the right side the whole time and this picture shows just how much! Crazy!
This was way early and we were still all smiles! The contractions hadn't really kicked in yet!
Keith was awesome during the whole process. I honestly could not have done it without him. I never doubted him but he really stepped up...big time!
Taking some pictures with the family. At this point I was on the pitocin and the contractions were starting to come on pretty good. But obviously they were still tolerable because I'm still looking somewhat okay.
This picture is a couple of hours later...when I was finally getting my epidural. They started the pitocin around 8:15am and I got my epidural at 2:15pm. I was still only about 3-4 cm dilated. At this point I was starting to worry...I knew I seemed to be progressing slower than I wanted and slower than I was expecting but I was still hopeful. And I really just wanted something for the pain! Can you tell by the look on my face??
The below picture was after my nurse came in and nonchalantly said that Sawyer wasn't tolerating me laying on my back because his heart rate dropped really low. So she turned me on my side and also put the oxygen on me. I was starting to get a little nervous here. Because I was still on about 5cm dilated and they were worried about his heart rate.
Well, about 5:00pm my Dr. checked me and I was still only around 5cm dilated. She explained that the baby wasn't tolerating the pitocin anymore. That it was making his heart rate drop. But when they stopped the pitocin I wasn't having adequate contractions. She also said that he was too big to fit through the birth canal...or his head was anyway. So, at this point we were about 95% sure I was going to have to have a c-section. She said she would give it 1 more hour but if I hadn't progressed anymore than we would do the c-section because she was worried about the baby. Well, an hour went by and nothing changed so it was time for the c-section. I was totally not prepared for this and I was really disappointed. But I was getting nervous because we had been there for 12 hours and at this point all I wanted was for my healthy boy to be here. I guess I just figured since I had such a smooth pregnancy that I would have a smooth labor and delivery. Wrong! God had other plans! And it all worked out fine. Once we decided that a c-section it was everything happened really fast. I was in the operating room in about 10 minutes flat. They took me in first and started prepping me and then about 15 minutes later brought Keith in right before they pulled Sawyer out. Keith was really nervous and worried about both of us but was so sweet!
Sawyer gave us a little scare right after he was born. He had some fluid on his lungs and was "grunting" which if you've had a baby you know this isn't good. But they worked on him for a couple of minutes and then he started screaming pretty good which was really good for his lungs. All the while I was still being glued back together just praying to God for everything to be okay! Keith was able to bring him to me for a second while we were still in the operating room and I was able to see him and kiss him. It was love at first sight, for sure! And the tears were flowing!
Then they took him to the nursery to check him out and clean him up.
Keith was with him and everyone else was able to watch through the window. I was still being finished up and then they moved me back to our room.
Daddy comforting Sawyer! Keith coming back to see me and reassure me that he was fine and strong! I love how happy Keith looks in this picture!
Big ole feet...which I felt in my ribs for a couple of months!
So sweet!
My mom coming to tell me how beautiful he was!
Holding him for the first time. I absolutely love this picture! Honestly, words can't describe this moment!
Then everyone else got a turn.

I love this picture too. Harper was so excited about Sawyer!
First family picture.
These pictures are from Thursday.

Some of the goodies...
His welcome cake!

We love our little guy!

Sisters and cousins!
Sawyer and Henley - they are 4 1/2 months apart.
Sweet baby!
These pictures are from Friday - the day we went home.

In his coming home gown...all ready to go home.

This picture makes me laugh. Love his little smirk in it.
Little shoes.
Ready for his first car ride. And yes, I was that Mom who sat in the back and rode with him. I couldn't help myself.
Finally at home.
Coming inside and meeting big brother Cooper.
Who wasn't sure what to think but has been so awesome with him. And Sawyer must have gotten used to Coop's bark while in my belly because he barely flinches now!
So, there you have some pictures of the most important few days of our lives.
I'll be sharing some more from the first couple of days home.
I'm sure he will be the main focus of this blog now but I just can't help myself!
I can't believe tomorrow he'll be a week old! I already want time to slow down. I love how little and snuggly he is! I just can't get enough of him!


Amy said...

Love all of the pictures!

morgan823 said...

I love all the pictures. Such a sweet post! I'm with you, I wish there was a way to make time slow down. It goes way to fast and for some reason it goes even faster when you have kids. Thanks for sharing the first few days with us!

Kathy Jo said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Sawyer!! You are a true blessng to your Mommy and Daddy and to the rest of your big ole family!! We all love you so very much and can't wait to watch you grown and see the plans God has for you!! Our lives are richer because you are now in them! I miss you so much and can't wait to hold you again soon!

I always look forward to your blog posts, Tiff!! You are such a wonderful Mommy and Keith is a great Daddy! Watching the two of you with sweet Sawyer was such a joy to watch!!

I love you all...give Sawyer a big kiss from Nonnie!!!


H2's Mommy said...

Tiif-that was the sweetest post ever! It brought tears to my eyes...it was a long day but so worth waiting every minute for. I'm so thankful that everything turned out so good and that Sawyer is healthy. He is a beautiful baby and you all make a pretty good looking family. I'm also glad at how well Cooper is doing! I really think he is happy that it's the 4 of y'all now. We enjoyed our time that we got to spend with your family during one of the most special days of your life. You'll never forget that day and neither will I. I miss you all so much already. I also want to give Keith credit too...thanks for being so patient with my girls too. It can get crazy with two more little ones around and messy too. He was so sweet with them. I know how much everyone looks forward to new blog posts but I agree with you-sometimes it's hard to take the time to do one when you could be holding your sweet baby instead. I totally understand but I love seeing new pics too. Just keep texting me pics daily! =) I love you all (and Cooper too) and tell little Saw that his favorite aunt loves him and misses him lots. (I still can't get over how much he's already changed!) Can't wait to see you again! **sorry I just wrote a small book on here**

BeLLa said...

i agree with shannon ~ this was a really sweet post and pics. what a great week it has been. i was sitting here thinking about this time last week.....

i'm so happy for your little family. i know you and keith will be amazing parents and i look forward to being a part of your new journey.....especially in 4 days.

much love, xoxo

Jessi said...

The pictures are just gorgeous. Brings back all the amazing moments of my deliveries. It just simply cannot be any more amazing!

He is gorgeous and I love his name. Hope you are healing well and a huge congratulations!

The Alsobrook Family said...

He is very sweet and cute! Congratulations on you new baby boy. He will forever change your life! Your storu sounds very similar to mine when Daley was born, so I totally understand your nerves throughout. I was nervous the second time too though and that C Section was planned. You guys are in our thoughts and prayers! And, congrats again to all 3 of you!