Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The first few days home...

This was the day we got home - Sawyer was in his gown.
Our little family.

With my Mom, Sis and the girls (who look thrilled to be having their picture made).
With my Dad & Kathy Sawyer & Henley. Both in their coming home gowns my Mom made for them.
My sweet baby boy!
He is a big fan of his swing!
Prec #1
Sawyer after his 1st bath at home. Well, sort of a bath...sponge bath, I guess.
Harpy with the Valentine rose Sawyer got for me!
In his Valentine onesie I made for him.
With some gifts from his grandparents.
Watching the Daytona 500 with Daddy.
Best buddies.
Just hanging out....


BeLLa said...

love this post... the pic of you, sawyer and coop napping is so sweet. cooper is going to be the best bud to sawyer.

of course i especially love the pic of sawyer and henley in their gowns i made. =)

and lastly i really love the pic of all of us on your bed -- miss harper...xoxo

morgan823 said...

I love all the pictures!! He is absolutely adorable.

Melissa said...

Love the pics! He is precious.

H2's Mommy said...

Great pictures from a fun and awesome week with my favorite people!