Monday, February 8, 2010


I still can't believe in 2 days my little boy will be here! In some ways it seems like I've been pregnant for 10 years and in other ways it seems like 2 minutes! It has been an amazing journey! And as the big day draws near I couldn't help but reflect on the day we found out about him!

I already knew what this test would say before I even took it. I just knew! Well, let's back up -- it was a Wednesday and I just felt a little off. I was a couple of days late so decided that maybe I should take one and see. Well, everything I read said to take them first thing in the morning so I decided to wait until Thursday morning. I picked up the test Wednesday afternoon but did manage to hold off. I didn't breathe a word of anything to Keith. I'm telling you guys, I can keep a secret!

Thursday morning (after a pretty sleepless night) I took the digital test and it popped up "PREGNANT" pretty quick. I had to mask my excitement and play it cool because I had a plan for telling Keith. So off to work I went, acting normal but feeling a million different emotions inside. I was on a roller coaster! From being super excited to slightly panicked! At lunch I started to doubt the first test so I ran to Walgreens to get a different kind. I took it back at work and again the plus sign popped up!

That afternoon I was so excited and nervous to tell Keith. I knew that Cooper had to be a part of it and would be the perfect news deliverer. So, I wrote up this little note and tied it around Coop's neck with some "cute" ribbon and a paci (that I also picked up at Walgreens).

I got him all ready and then the waiting game began. I was dying for Keith to get home but didn't want to sound too pushy or he would know something was up.

Still waiting.

He had no idea (still totally doesn't) how much his life was going to change!

Finally, Keith got home! I hid so all Keith would see is Cooper. And basically Cooper ran around barking like usual but Keith noticed something around his neck so he grabbed him and read the little note. I don't have any still pictures because I was hiding but I did video it - I need to share that's pretty hilarious! To say that Keith was a bit shocked is an understatement! We were very lucky and it happened much quicker than we were anticipating...but we aren't complaining! So, he was surprised.

It's funny how your life changes in an instant. I've been worrying about this baby since that first test popped up pregnant. And I know that I will continue to worry for the rest of my life. But I also know that the worrying (and all the other sacrificing) is totally worth it. I already love this little boy so much. I can't wait to meet him!

Today is my stepmom, Kathy's, birthday so we want to wish her a very Happy Birthday! We'll see you guys in just a few hours and we can't wait. We are going to go to dinner tonight to celebrate!


Amanda said...

Such a sweet story! Still can't believe that he is almost here! Hope you are enjoying this special time with your fam...tell them all I said hello! Happy Birthday Kathy!

Amy said...

Great story! I am so excited for you- being a mommy is a wonderful ride! Enjoy your family. I know you miss them.

morgan823 said...

I love it! I'm all sappy now, thinking back on when I found out with both Emma and Brooks. Your right from the moment the test says pregnant, a day doesn't go by you don't worry about them. Motherhood is by far the most amazing thing you will ever experience. I know everyone has told you that but you'll soon realize it yourself. I hope you have an easy delivery and a very healthy baby boy! You are going to be a great mom! I can't wait to see pictures of the little guy!

BeLLa said...

glad you shared the story but you seriously need to post the video one day. so glad to be with y'all in tulsa now and can't wait for sawyer's debut. xoxo