Friday, February 5, 2010

A room fit for a king...or a little prince!

Finally, the room that I know you guys care about seeing the most. Well, I LOVE it! It is my favorite room in the whole house! It turned out so much better than I had it pictured in my head! And major props to Keith for his awesome paint job! He is already such a good dad!

I would say it is 95% finished. There are still a couple of gifts we received that we physically won't have until next week after some of our family drives them out to us (aren't they the best!) and his bedding isn't finished yet. But I didn't want to delay in showing you guys any longer!

From the it!
The crib came from JC Penny's, the changing table came from Pottery Barn (well, we actually got it off of Craigslist) and the dresser was mine (and my brothers) from when we were little. You can see the makeover on it here.
This bookshelf was actually left in this house by the previous owners which is so random because I was going to buy one anyway!

Can't wait to fill up these picture frames!

My mom is making his bedding and it isn't finished yet. But I'll be sure to post some pictures of it once we get it in the crib. He'll be in his beautiful bassinet for a while anyway so it isn't that big of a deal.
His coming home gown - I wanted to be able to display it because it's too pretty to hide in the closet! And an adorable hat that my Aunt Jane bought for him.

And the canvas's that I painted are above the changing table. Remember, I posted about them here.

Got these little baskets from Target - they were on clearance and they are just what I wanted.
A few of the many blankets he has. We also have diapers, wipes, lotion, diaper cream and other essentials in the baskets. My sister gave the good advice to keep those things close so once we lay him down to change him that everything we need will be close. Thank God for her...she's full of handy advice!
Bucket full of paci's. That I sterilized last weekend - I boiled them and I was nervous they would all melt but they came out just fine.
So, there you have it. Let me know what you think! And let me know if you have any questions about anything. I'll be happy to share but didn't want to bore you all with the details of every little thing. Everything is all we just need him to get here...only a few more days and we can't wait!


Amanda said...

It is the cutest nursery I have ever seen! Now all you need is a beautiful baby boy in it! :) I love you both so much and couldn't be happier for are so blessed!

Kathy Jo said...

I am in AWE!!!!!! That is SUCH a precious room!!!!!!!! I knew that it would be, though!!! Again, you guys have outdone yourself on the room!!! I just can't take my eyes away from the screen!!!!

Well, I think you guys are all ready to welcome home your precious bundle and newest member of the family!!!!!!

I love you and can't wait to see you!!!!

Kathy - aka NONNIE!!!!!

H2's Mommy said...

Yeah! It looks SO good! I love it looks so cozy! I'm so glad that I'm able to help with advise and answer questions. Can't wait to help in person too. I really can't wait to hold Sawyer! His room is really sweet. Good Job Keith--the paint job is awesome! I also love keeping his gown displayed because I agree that it's too nice to leave shut in the closet. See you really soon.

Anonymous said...


BeLLa said...

tipper-keith, great job on the room. you can tell you put a lot of thought and time into makaing it really special for you little guy.

i'm like shan that i'm glad you finally posted pics on your blog so we can share pics with our friends.

Less than 24 hours...can't wait. xoxo

morgan823 said...

I love the room, it looks nice and cozy and very cute!! :) Can't wait to see the bedding when it's done.

morgan823 said...

I love the room, it looks nice and cozy and very cute!! :) Can't wait to see the bedding when it's done.