Monday, March 29, 2010

A great weekend

We had a great weekend celebrating Keith's birthday!
Family picture before heading to dinner Friday night!

We went to dinner Friday night with Allison and Jacob. Allison and I were good friends in high school and I was so excited to learn that she lives in Tulsa. Her husband is from here and after they got married she moved out here. They are lots of fun and we are so excited to have some friends here! Also, she just started a blog - go check it out!

We had a yummy dinner. I was a little nervous about how Sawyer would do --- and he did awesome. He slept through dinner and didn't get fussy until right when we were leaving. He was hungry and once I fed him he was fine!
He looked so cute!!
And of course Saturday was Keith's birthday. We have the tradition of breakfast in bed on your birthday! Actually, my Mom started this with us and we are going to keep it going. And we have a special plate...

I had a little assistant as I cooked breakfast. Well, more like a supervisor!
It was yummy.
This is all Keith wanted for his birthday! And we've already eaten most of it.
Birthday boy and his buddy.
Mommy & Sawyer.
Just hanging out.
About to cut the cake.

Sunday was pretty low key. We just hung around the house and watched basketball. My bracket pretty much went up in flames once Kansas got beat but it's still fun to watch. I just enjoyed spending time with all my guys at home!


Kathy Jo said...

FIRST of all, Sawyer just keeps growing and growing!!! He is such a bright-eyed little boy and I can't wait to get my hands on him in a couple of weeks!!! SECOND, you look BEAUTIFUL!!!!! You have really lost ALL your weight plus some!! I am so glad that you and Allison have reconnected!! How awesome to have a home-town friend close by!! I am so glad Keith had such a GREAT birthday...his first as a new daddy!!!

I love you and miss you all!!

From Our Front Porch said...

We had a great time with you guys on Friday!!!! I seriously love the picture of the three of you guys at the house. Great looking family. Look forward to our cookout!

amanda said...

Aw you guys look like such a cute littel fam! Tiff-you look are really making me reconsider this whole breastfeedign thing! :)Keith- Happy belated birthday! Hope it was a great one!