Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just the two of us...

It's just the two (well, Coop makes three) of us today...well, for the next several days. Keith started work today. We really miss him but we are excited for him. He likes work and was going a little stir crazy. And actually he has the best of both worlds. For now he is only working part time. He will work Tuesday-Thursday and have Mondays and Fridays off. Pretty sweet, huh! I wish that could be my work schedule once I go back! But I'm excited because this means little man will only be in daycare 3 days a week. So, it has all worked out great!

Speaking of little man...I finally caught a smile on camera! He has been grinning a good bit the last couple of weeks. I've taken lots of him smiling on my phone but couldn't catch it on the camera but I finally did and of course I had to share it with you guys! Isn't it the sweetest smile ever!
It seriously melts my heart.

He'll be eating and just stop and look at me and smile. I promise you totally forget that it is 3am and you are so tired you want to cry when you see that smile! I'm in big trouble!
Cute little Easter sleeper

I LOVE this outfit below and I LOVE the two people that made it and sent it to Sawyer. My precious friend Whit and her sweet Fearing sent this!
I love me some baby feet!

He's such a cutie and I'm loving spending everyday with him.


Kathy Jo said...

Congrats to Keith on the new job!! I know he is excited about it and I know probably more excited that it's part time right now so he can spend more time with you guys!!! I LLOOOOOOOOVVEEE that picture!!! I will print it and put it up!!! Thanks for sharing with us!!!

Allison Odom said...

GOOO KEITH! that is wonderful! Love the picture of Sawyer's feet. So sweet!