Monday, March 8, 2010


I'm doing a lot of this lately!

Here are a few things I've learned...

1. You can't really "plan" anything when it comes to a baby. This one is hard for me because I'm a planner! Babies are unpredictable! For instance, today I thought Sawyer would eat around 1pm so I started making my lunch around 12:15...well, that happened to be precisely when he woke up and wanted to eat. He has impeccable timing! =)

2. It takes forever to go anywhere...and we haven't even gone anywhere yet. Other than to the Dr.. When people say no more jumping in the car and "running" somewhere, they aren't kidding. It takes time to get yourself ready and another person ready and get him in the car seat, get the diaper bag ready, etc - lots of time!

3. Breastfeeding takes a lot of patience. And is hard work. It DEFINITELY gets much easier over time. We pretty much have it down now but that first week (really 2 weeks) was really trying! I think the hardest part was not knowing how much he was eating and worrying it wasn't enough. But it is something that is really important to me so I'm thankful we turned the corner!

4. Time flies! I think we all pretty much already knew this but I can't believe he is already almost 4 weeks old! The days are a blur...but I am enjoying him so much. I honestly can't remember life before him!

5. It is true what everyone says about labor! That it is the worst pain but the easiest to forget! I remember thinking that day "oh my gosh, this HURTS!" The pain was so intense. But now that is all I can remember. I can't remember how bad it hurt just having thoughts that it hurt. He is so worth it all. I would do it again tomorrow!

6. Your motherly instincts kick right in. No one knows a child better than his/her mommy!

This list could go on and on, but I'll stop now and share some pictures! I know that is what most of you want anyway...=)
Hanging out in the bouncy in the sun room.
Coop checking on him
Sweet baby!
I look terrible in this was really early and I can't believe I'm actually posting it but I thought it was too funny of Cooper. He wants to be right next to Saw and I all the time. Sweet little guy!
Sawyer's buddy Fearing sent him this onesie for Valentine's day! It is adorable! They are going to be best friends...I just know it!
Just checking it out...


BeLLa said...

tipper you are such a good mommy and a testament to God's perfect plan. life after kids forever changes. xoxo

H2's Mommy said...

So truly said Mom-kids will forever change you and it's so good! Can't imagine my life without mine! You are doing such a great job with you guy. He is a beautiful baby! He has the prettiest skin and awesome hair~I NEED to see him and hold him SOON! Miss him and you so much! Glad everything is easier for you! I love you!

morgan823 said...

He is absolutely precious!!! :) Things get easier, however I think I'm still learning something new about mine each and everyday!