Saturday, March 20, 2010

My mom...

My Mom left this morning. To say I'm sad would be a drastic understatement. Borderline depressed seems a bit more appropriate! We enjoyed having her here so much and she'll never know how much it meant to us that she came and spent this past month with us. She was my go to girl for pretty much everything! She happily held an awake baby during the night so we could sleep. She was my sounding board, my encourager, my advisor but most of all my Mom! Thank you doesn't seem like enough, but thank you Mom! We all already miss you so much and love you so very much! We can't wait for your next visit!

Bob came out Wednesday to meet Sawyer and we enjoyed visiting with him. Yesterday was such a pretty day so we all ventured out to do some shopping and eat lunch.
Me and Sawyer with our BeLLa!
BeLLa, GrandBob & Sawyer
Giving kisses to my little buddy.

BeLLa, GrandBob & Sawyer
GrandBob & Sawyer
Daddy & Sawyer
Our family.
My sweet littly guy - who completely has my heart!
It was a great day! And such a blessing to spend time with them!


morgan823 said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes. I'm sorry Patti had to leave. I know you will miss her so much. I would get emotional every time my mom left after having Emma and she is in the same city! Nobody is better then your momma that's for sure and you really realize it when you have a baby!

BeLLa said...

tipper ~ thank you so much for such a sweet post. it meant so much to me that you and keith wanted me to come out to help. i loved every minute with that precious little guy.

i never thought when it came time to leave that it would be so hard and so emotional. i'm just glad we have our video cameras (thanks shan).

muah to sawyer - i love you more!


Anonymous said...
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Jennrob said...

that was a sweet post! moms are the best and you don't fully realize it until you have a child! then you see how much they did for you and how much they love you! that's cute family pic and such a sweet one of him in his car seat.

Amanda said...

You just made me start off my day in tears...such a sweet post. Patti B, you are so sweet and such a good mommy to help them out! Tiff, you have such a good example in your momma to look up to...Sawyer is a very lucky boy! :)

Anonymous said...
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