Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Putting a ring on it..

I just wanted to brag on my sweet husband! He got me the BEST "having a baby gift" ever! I had a feeling he would do something special because that's just the way he is but this was better than I imagined! And now every time I put that ring on I'm reminded of that very special day and it puts a huge smile on my face!

Ignore my hairy knuckles (ha!) and focus only on the bling!

It isn't Sawyer's birth stone but I've always wanted a ring with an aquamarine stone. Keith listens and really pays attention! Also, thanks to Ash and Paige for helping Keith out! =) It is BEAUTIFUL and I love it! But not near as much as I love my husband!

Thanks Keith!


Kathy Jo said...

I am so glad you have shown us all what a sweet, wonderful husband you have!!! Your ring is absolutely beautiful! You both have received lifes most precious gift from God - a beautiful, sweet baby boy!

The Alsobrook Family said...

How sweet! It's beautiful Tiffany! Congratulations!

morgan823 said...

How sweet! It's so pretty! :) I love aquamarine.

Amy said...


BeLLa said...

i think keith was as excited to give you the ring as you were when you got it. it is beautiful and the perfect reminder for such a special day. xoxo