Monday, March 1, 2010

Splish Splash

Sawyer's cord fell off last week so he got to have his first real bath this weekend!
The first one we did was Saturday night and we did it at the kitchen sink. Well, our sink isn't level so it was challenging because the tub wasn't even and he kept sliding down. But the second night we moved it onto our bathroom counter and it was much better. He really enjoyed it until it was time to get out. He HATES to be cold so anytime we change him he screams pretty good. But he liked being in the bath with the warm water.

This is right after we put him in for the first time.

Look at those feet...precious baby feet!
All done and wrapped up! And cold so he isn't happy!
Do I look tired here or what? Ha!
This was the second our bathroom and it went much better!
Hanging out...look at his big belly....
I love my baby!
Now I know why people get the "mom haircut" -- not that I will be getting one but my hair is constantly pulled up because it is just easier with a baby. If not, it is always in the way and he is grabbing it or spitting up in it, etc.


morgan823 said...

How sweet is he!! He's absolutely adorable! :)

BeLLa said...

Sawyer is too cute at bath time! xoxo