Monday, March 22, 2010


So, this past Saturday was the first day of Spring and we welcomed it with about 9 inches of snow here in Oklahoma. Nice, huh?
Since it was Sawyer's first snow we decided we run him out for a second to snap a couple of pictures. Keith even built him his first snowman!
Keith also had to shovel off a path so Cooper would go to the bathroom. I think Coop is also tired of this white stuff!

Little snow bunny.
It is supposed to warm back up this week and we are so glad! We are ready for spring!


Kathy Jo said...

WOW!!! I can't believe it snowed that much!! And what a GREAT snowman...I do have to say I LOOOVE it's scarf!!! :) Sawyer looks soooo cute all bundled up but he looks like he is saying "get me outta here!!"!!!

Love to you all

Ashley said...

preciousness!!!!!! i am so happy for u both!

H2's Mommy said...

Keith did a good job on mr snowman! You look great in the pic...looking skinny! Saw looks like he's not so sure about the snowsuit.

BeLLa said...

wish we would've stayed an extra day to play in the snow. these will be cute pics for his baby book. xoxo

Jennrob said...

what a cute snowbunny! eddie did a great job on the snowman. ya'll actually have "white" snowmen...when it snowed in february, we had a gigantic pile of pinestraw after the snowman melted, lol :)