Sunday, April 18, 2010

going home...

Sawyer and I are headed to Birmingham tomorrow morning bright and early ~ his first trip "home". And Keith and Coop are driving in Wednesday night. This should be a really fun week. We are all really excited to see our family and friends and finally introduce Sawyer to everyone he hasn't already met.

He is really getting a little personality! And is so cute and pleasant!
I'm a little nervous about traveling with him by myself but he is such a great baby I think it will be fine!

We won't be back until the following Monday so I won't be blogging until then. I plan on soaking up every second with the people I love the most. But I promise lots of pictures when I do return.


Kathy Jo said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Those are such precious pictures!!!!! Tiff, I can't wait to see you ALL!!! Tomorrow is the day!!! Safe travels to you and I do hope it's uneventful!!! I just know Sawyer will be the angel that he is and sleep the entire way home!! I can't wait til Saturday..what a full day it will be!!

I love you all!!

BeLLa said...

pics are so sweet - sawyer really looks like he's trying to walk in the second one.

so glad yall are here. can't believe how much he has grown. looking forward to a great week. xoxo