Friday, May 28, 2010

Pictures from My day...

I know Mother's Day was a few weeks ago but I still wanted to share some pictures from our day.

Here is a close up of my gift. It is the sweetest thing ever. A spoon rest - that is little Sawyer's foot print painted into a angel. We did this during our trip home. There is a girl in Birmingham who does this -- she is awesome. Check out her blog. My sister, Mom and Kathy have all had things made with the girls hands and feet. This is the first of many pieces for me!

It was a great day! I got lots of cards and phone calls. And I was treated to a yummy dinner.

My favorite little boy.
Yes, there is drool on the corner of his mouth and spit up on his outfit but I don't care...I love his sweet smile!
He has changed so much in just a few weeks!

Me with all my guys!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A few baby item favorites...

I love reading other blogs where they talk about what baby items they really like or ones that are a little over rated. So, I thought I would share a few of my favorite things from the first 3 months.

I have used this It's been great. It is fast and pretty discreet. If you are committed to breastfeeding and a working mom then you need this!
My sister recommended these and even gave me a pack. These seem to work the best for Sawyer. They have some special air flow system so he doesn't really get any air and hardly spits up afterwards. We used the Medela for about a week or so but those seemed to leak and the nipple would collapse as he was sucking. So these are much better for us.
I've talked about this one before but this thing is heaven!! I love being able to see him and hear him through the night. There are times when he starts stirring and making noise but will fall back asleep on his own. With this I am able to watch him before I run up to his room at every peep. I can also actually see him breathing on this and sucking the paci which is so reassuring. And it scans the whole room (which will be really useful later) but for now I can see his entire crib and he usually scoots himself around during the night. Keith also finds it entertaining to watch me at night while I'm singing and rocking Sawyer to sleep.

Aveeno Diaper Cream
This stuff is awesome. My sister in law, Candy, got me hooked on this. She bought us some and talked about how great it was. She was right. We use this at almost every changing and especially at night and we haven't had any diaper rash!
Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets
These blankets are awesome. They are really light weight so they are perfect for summer. We've even used them on our walks to block out the sun. They are also breathable (which makes me less nervous when they get up around his face and for him to use at daycare when I'm not there to supervise!) and they are pretty big. We received one pack as a gift (I shared with my sis and she also loves them) and I loved them so much that I bought another pack.

These are just a few of our favorites. I'll share more later. And feel free to chime in if there is something you other mommy's love!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jon the jokester!

Oh, it was a challenging morning and I needed a good laugh....and laugh is what I did when I looked at these pictures on my memory card. Literally...I laughed out loud. And I figured some of you could use a good laugh so I thought I would share them!

For those of you that really know my brother you know this is his thing. Well we all do it some but Jon rarely takes pictures without taking at least one making a face. I LOVE this about him. And I figured it was fair game to post these since he took them of himself with my camera.

Okay, this one he wasn't aware of but still....

My favorite!

I love you brother!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Pictures from our weekend...

We had a pretty low key weekend. Which was nice. We've had lots of company lately which we loved but it was also nice just to hang around the house with nothing to do!
I spent the better part of the weekend looking and talking to this sweet face! Look at could I not?!?
Keith did some yard work. Don't worry Jon...he got the lawnmower working again! Saw and I watched from the window.
My blue eyed baby! EVERYONE (well Whit actually said she thought he looked like me in 1 picture...thanks Whit) always talks about how much he looks just like Keith. But the blue eyes are straight from me. Yay!
I'm still trying to figure out my camera. I've had it for a year and a half and am still learning. But now that I have this adorable subject I'm even more determined! So, I played paparazzi for a while this weekend!

Daddy bought Sawyer a swing! It is adorable and I know we will have lots of fun swinging this summer! He also got him a balloon from Chick-fil-A after we ate lunch there on Saturday.
I think he liked the swing!
This is the adorable outfit Whit made for him. It is so precious! Look how big my boy is getting. He is really chunking up. I love it!

Monday always comes too fast!

Friday, May 21, 2010

He rolled over!

Sawyer rolled over for the first time Wednesday night and I actually got it on camera. Every time I've put him on his tummy lately I have had the camera ready because I knew it was going to be soon and I didn't want to miss videoing it. And it's a good thing because he did it pretty quick after I laid him down.

So, here is the video. Please excuse my enthusiasm...I was a little excited! The best part is his cute little smile right at the end!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jon & Sarah's visit

We had so much fun with Jon and Sarah! I LOVE having visitors but it always makes me so sad when they leave!

We didn't do much. We shot pool, ate out a couple of times, grilled out, watched movies --just enjoyed spending time together! It was just so nice to hang out with them. It really made me wish we lived closer so we could have more Sunday cook outs or movie nights or anything really. Just family time. They also spent lots of time with Sawyer. Aunt Sarah kept him one day while the guys played golf and then they both kept him another day (unfortunately I had to work while they were here!). And he loved visiting with them. They got some big smiles out of him! And Sarah was awesome -- she even sent me pictures of him throughout the day! I loved it! And even Coop had a playmate! Him and Hobbie had fun playing in the backyard.

Below are some pictures of their visit!

Jon & Sarah-
We are so glad you made the long drive (12 hours) from Auburn to come spend a few days with us. And thanks a million for keeping Sawyer - he loves you guys! We hope you come back very soon - we all already miss you. I bet flying is sounding pretty good, right?!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New toy!

Daddy and Uncle Jon put together Sawyer's jumperoo on Sunday.

I think he liked it!
He really likes to be sitting up and looking around so we thought we would put him in this and see what he thought. He was so cute...looking around and studying everything. He can only sit in it for a short time and he obviously isn't jumping yet but he liked it.
Checking himself out.
He's a genius. Look at him playing with it!

He looks like such a big boy here!
We put this pillow under him because we thought he needed it -- doesn't really look like he does.
I wish time would slow down. I know he is still a little baby at only 3 months but he has changed so much and grown so much! But everyday with him gets better and better!