Friday, May 14, 2010

Almost the weekend!

Whew! What a week! I'm exhausted and thrilled it is Friday...I need this weekend!

The week started off with this little guy not feeling so good. He had a little congestion and we sucked a good bit of snot out over a couple of days. And I spent a couple of nights holding him so we could both get some sleep! But he it totally worth it!

Lucky for all of us we had some visitors that were more than willing to hand out a little extra TLC -- which seemed to do the trick because he is feeling better!

My Momo and Aunt Jane arrived Monday afternoon and left this morning. They were able to keep Sawyer for a couple of days (which of course I loved not having to send him to daycare) but I'm also thankful that he was able to spend time with his great grandma and great aunt (and I know they loved being with him too)! I loved visiting with them -- we don't get to see them nearly enough!

We also have had some pretty bad storms this week. My warehouse in Tulsa suffered some damage --as you can see from the pictures below -- and we lost power which in turn meant a very long, very exhausting day for me yesterday. But Momo and Jane to the rescue! They extended their trip by one day and stayed and kept Sawyer! This meant so much to me and was such a relief!

We've had other visitors of sorts lately! This guy was in our backyard. We've also seen the cutest bunny rabbit (he's cute now but if he starts eating my garden...different story!) and I even saw a couple of deer in our neighbors yard one morning. I promise we don't live that far out! =)

But the highlight was definitely my family! They also came bearing gifts! Lots of gifts. They got Sawyer the cutest and very big stuffed tiger! Love it - I'm sure you guys will see him soon! And lots of clothes, books, toys, etc. All of it is precious! They also brought Keith and I a couple of housewarming gifts that will look great in our sunroom. I'll try and get some pictures of some of the stuff soon. They really took care of us!

Momo & Jane - we loved having you and hope you come back very soon. Thanks for all of your help! We miss you both already!

And I know this little guy misses them lots too! He was loving all the extra attention!
And we have more company coming! Jon & Sarah (and Hobby) will be here tomorrow! We are so excited and can't wait to spend a couple of days with them. And also, celebrate Sarah's graduation!! That's right...she is walking across the stage today at 2pm and will officially be an Auburn Alumni! I so wish we were there today to watch...Enjoy it Sarah and Congrats!

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BeLLa said...

Boy what a week you've had. Glad you had help.

Seriously, how did a turtle that big get in your backyard. Where's Coop when you need him?

Wish you were here in Auburn -- pretty Sarah just walked.