Friday, May 21, 2010

He rolled over!

Sawyer rolled over for the first time Wednesday night and I actually got it on camera. Every time I've put him on his tummy lately I have had the camera ready because I knew it was going to be soon and I didn't want to miss videoing it. And it's a good thing because he did it pretty quick after I laid him down.

So, here is the video. Please excuse my enthusiasm...I was a little excited! The best part is his cute little smile right at the end!



BeLLa said...

tipper that is so sweet. so glad you got it recorded. that little smile at the end had to melt your heart. xoxo

Jennrob said...

That is sooooo sweet. And hearing the proud mommy voice is just as precious! I love his smile at the end. They get so amazed at what they can do :)

Amanda said...

That is precious! I would be so excited too! I am in love with the little grin he gives you at the end! I absolutely can't wait to see him again! :) Love you all and miss you terribly!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! By the way, I like the new hairdo!