Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jon the jokester!

Oh, it was a challenging morning and I needed a good laugh....and laugh is what I did when I looked at these pictures on my memory card. Literally...I laughed out loud. And I figured some of you could use a good laugh so I thought I would share them!

For those of you that really know my brother you know this is his thing. Well we all do it some but Jon rarely takes pictures without taking at least one making a face. I LOVE this about him. And I figured it was fair game to post these since he took them of himself with my camera.

Okay, this one he wasn't aware of but still....

My favorite!

I love you brother!!!


Amanda said...

Thank you thank you thank you for these! I am one of thsoe people that needed this this morning...stuck in traffic for an hour and a half and come to work with a boss with a bad attitude..thanks Jon!!!!

Kathy Jo said...

Thanks Jonathan and Tiff!!! What a GREAT laugh this morning!!! I don't know which one I laughed at the hardest!!! I love the one of him sleeping!!!!! So innocent when he sleep...he he he!!! I love you, sweet boy!!! And I love YOU Tiff!!!

Thanks for sharing!!!!

H2's Mommy said...

What a NUT...but a sweet and funny nut! So much fun! Mom should post all the ones on her camera too!

BeLLa said...

won't uncle jon be an awesome influence in saw's life. xoxo