Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jon & Sarah's visit

We had so much fun with Jon and Sarah! I LOVE having visitors but it always makes me so sad when they leave!

We didn't do much. We shot pool, ate out a couple of times, grilled out, watched movies --just enjoyed spending time together! It was just so nice to hang out with them. It really made me wish we lived closer so we could have more Sunday cook outs or movie nights or anything really. Just family time. They also spent lots of time with Sawyer. Aunt Sarah kept him one day while the guys played golf and then they both kept him another day (unfortunately I had to work while they were here!). And he loved visiting with them. They got some big smiles out of him! And Sarah was awesome -- she even sent me pictures of him throughout the day! I loved it! And even Coop had a playmate! Him and Hobbie had fun playing in the backyard.

Below are some pictures of their visit!

Jon & Sarah-
We are so glad you made the long drive (12 hours) from Auburn to come spend a few days with us. And thanks a million for keeping Sawyer - he loves you guys! We hope you come back very soon - we all already miss you. I bet flying is sounding pretty good, right?!


BeLLa said...

awhh, so sweet. great pics, love the overalls on saw. and the pic of him with keith is a dad and mini-me. glad yall had a great visit. xoxo

ps - wish yall lived closer too!

~Sarah~ said...

Flying sounds great!!! We had alot of fun! I really enjoyed keeping little man and hanging out with you guys!

P.S. Buzz's girlfriend!! Ha!