Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day!

Today is Keith's very first Father's Day and I hope it is extra special for him. He definitely deserves a day to do whatever makes him happy!

He is a great daddy - not that I ever had any doubts. I love him for a million reasons but here are a few that really make him exceptional in my book!

He takes Saw to daycare every morning and then calls me after he drops him off and humors me by answering the same 20 questions every.single.morning. about how the "drop off" was.
He takes Cooper out every morning and every night.
He helps me get Sawyer's bath ready every night.
He isn't afraid of changing a diaper or a "pit stop" as he refers to it.
He always makes sure Saw's air purifier and humidifier are working -- every night. And he double check the temperature.
He puts all his spare change and loose bills in Sawyer's piggy bank.
He grins and bears it and does things "my way" when it comes to Saw.
And he can make Saw smile and laugh like no one else.

And I'm pretty sure without him the dishes would be piled in the sink, the floors would never be vaccuumed/swept, and our towels and sheets would never get washed!

Keith, we all three love you so much and are so thankful for you. You work so hard for us and this little family wouldn't function without you!

Happy First Father's Day!


BeLLa said...

Happy 1st Father's Day Keith! I have to say that I think Sawyer looks like daddy. xoxo

DCAja said...

nice post!