Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Phone pictures

I use my phone to take pictures of Saw. I'm not sure what I would do without it -- it is just so convenient! It is also really convenient to share them with family this way. I send multiple a day to my sister and gets lots from her of the girlies. Some of them are really good so I thought I would share them with you guys!
First time in the big boy stroller....
Skyping with my two loves while I was out of town at my meeting last week. Being away for 2 nights almost killed me! Okay, maybe I'm being a little dramatic. On second thought, no, I'm not!
He sat in the bumbo last weekend in the bathroom and watched me get ready.

This one was I actually took this morning!


BeLLa said...

love all of the pics! i pretty much start my day by reading your blog, and it always puts a smile on my face.

sawyer is changing so fast and with you all living in ok, your blog helps to keep my sadness at bay. =( =) =( =)

miss you, love you. xoxo

Amanda said...

I mean he really is the most precious little guy I have ever seen! I love his little grin in the pic with you and him!

Kathy Jo said...

Like Patti, I, too, start my day by looking at your blog and looking foward to those sweet smiles looking at me through your pictures!! He is absolutely precious and those smiles will melt a heart in a minute!!!

Much love,

Jennrob said...

Ditto!!!! I take SO MANY pictures w/ my phone. I really want an external hard drive JUST for pictures. I'm so afraid I'm going to lose them. My favorite pictures are the ones of them passed out. I always heard people say that you could just stare at a baby while they sleep and I used to roll my eyes (in my head of course) thinking that was crazy. Well now, I'm "that person" staring at her children. I can seriously sit there and watch Jack, watch tv (it's the only time he sits still) and just stare at his different expressions. Motherhood is such a beautiful blessing! Oh and I stole your quote from a mother's day post I think and put that quote on my blog! It's SO TRUE! Have a great day! Oh yea and he is exceptionally handsome...I love the passed out pic, and the one of you and him, and the bumbo seat. Enjoy the time getting ready while he's non-mobile. Soon your "getting ready" time increases by 15-20 minutes because your chasing after them! LOL :)