Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Some randomness...

We'll start with this cutie.
This outfit was Keith's from when he was a baby. I put it on Sawyer to wear to church Sunday and it was obvious he should have worn it about a month ago. But before I changed him I decided I should take a picture since it will obviously be the only time Sawyer has it on. It is really neat to have pictures of Sawyer in stuff that his Dad wore and his uncle (he has a couple of Jon's old outfits).

And just because I like this picture! And obviously love this face!
The main point of this blog is to document our lives...a digital scrapbook. Well, I finally turned all of the post's from 2009 into a book (all the relevant post's any way.) I ordered it a couple of weeks ago and it finally arrived. Overall, I'm really happy with it.

It was pretty easy to edit to get the layout how I wanted it.
Each post has it's own page.
It was one of the only sites I could find that allowed so many post and pictures. Its 250 pages!
It was pretty reasonable - I think it cost me around $75.

I wish the cover actually had a picture on it. But it has the window that lets a picture show through.
I wish some of the pictures were bigger.

This is where I ordered the book from.
Keith recently re-did our patio. He spent pretty much a whole weekend pouring concrete on it. Before it was some type of rolled small pebble flooring. And it was painful to walk on barefoot and also the pebbles were getting everywhere. It feels so much better and looks better too.
And just because I thought Coop should get some blog love.

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BeLLa said...

tipper, your scrapbook is awesome and what a great keepsake. almost makes me want to start a blog....almost.

keith did a great job on the patio. love the shadow pic, wish i could have seen him in his boots. =)