Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Remember our garden?
This is from when we first planted it several months ago...
And then I gave you guys a progress report about a month ago...
well, now it is totally out of control!
Our tomato plants on the left are insane...we can barely contain them. They are so full and thick you can hardly even see them to pick them. And we have more peppers than we can eat!
TONS of banana peppers - we've been eating them every chance we get. They are yummy. And my mother-in-law told us how to jar them to make pepper juice so we'll be doing that too.
Our bell peppers have done really good too. We've used them for fajitas and on salads.
And lots of jalopeno's. We made some bacon wrapped jalopeno's the other night and they were yummy (cut the peppers in half and fill with cream cheese and then wrap with bacon. cook for 1 hour at 350). And we've also used these for salsa and on kabobs.
These are cherry tomatos - we've gotten lucky with these. We've had lots. But unfortunately the bugs keep getting to our big tomatos before they ripen.
This is our harvest from yesterday.
This is probably our third basket full.
And there are more peppers behind these.
Gardening is so rewarding.
But Keith gets all the credit. I can count on one hand how many times I've watered the garden. But I'm enjoying eating everything.


Amanda said...

I am so jealous that we don't have a garden! It would be great to just walk outside and get your veggies out of your own yard! Maybe one day we will...:)

Anonymous said...

That is awesome. Keith has done a great job.