Monday, July 19, 2010

last week

I was gone all of last week for work. I had to go to Minnesota for a week long training and I thought I was going to die being away from my boys for so long but obviously I survived. But it was terrible - I left at 7:10am on Monday morning and didn't get home until 6:00pm Friday night. I felt like half of my heart was missing! And I was really worried that Saw would forget me or not nurse once I returned but I'm happy to report we are good on both accounts! Yay!

We skyped every night. I actually think this was a little confusing for Saw. He could hear me and would keep looking around the room for me. But I loved getting to see him. And Keith and Cooper even made a few appearances.
{all of these pics were taken with my iphone so the quality isn't good}
Keith did an awesome job of taking care of little man. Not that I had any doubts but single parenting is tough! And I'm pretty sure he was really ready for me to come home. He was sweet enough to send me pictures throughout the day to let me know what they were doing.

This one said "morning mommy". This one said "play time".
I was able to venture out one night so of course I headed straight to the Mall of America.
It was awesome! There was a whole theme park inside. I knew it had a roller coaster in it but I wasn't prepared for this many rides. There were probably 12 rides. And an aquarium and putt putt. And 4 levels of stores. And the stores hit both ends of the spectrum...I'm talking Marshalls and As Seen on TV to Betsy Johnson and Nordstrom.
I only had a couple of hours but I did manage to walk through one layer of stores and ride a couple of rides. I almost passed up the rides but my Mom talked me into it. I kind of felt like a loser riding by myself and seeing as how I was 15 years older than the average rider but I thought who cares ~ and I'm glad I did. They were fun!

This is a shot of Minneapolis from the rear view. I was heading to the airport and couldn't get out of there fast enough.
I don't have any pictures to share from the weekend. I don't think I put Saw down long enough to even pick up a camera. But I've never been so happy to be home and I actually enjoyed those middle of the night feedings -- yes, they are still happening!


Amanda said...

Tag your it! So thats where you've been! I was wondering what was going on! :) I know that must have been so hard for you to be away from your boys! When I went away a few weekends ago, I couldn't wait to get back to mine! I even came back from the beach a day early if that gives you any idea how bad it was! We need to finish up our conversation, maybe a little skype action sometime this week! Love you and mis you!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you only live once...........enjoy it, it's OK.