Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Yankee Doodle Baby

We had a great long weekend. While we missed our family and being at the lake with them it was still really nice ~ just the 4 of us.

We had lots of early morning snuggles, spent a large part of the weekend eliciting smiles and giggles from our little boy, ran errands, ate lots of yummy food, did some swinging on the swing set, prepared for our company that is arriving today, had lunch with Keith's boss and his family, watched movies, and just plain enjoyed each other.

This little guy is so much fun!

And so happy! Of course we had to take some festive pictures since it was little man's very first 4th of July!

Unfortunately, he didn't get to see any fireworks. But they were being shot, just well past his bedtime ~ our neighbors put on quite the show. But I'll be honest, I spent most the time looking at the monitor and cringing at every firecracker praying that Saw wouldn't wake up. I did not want to be that lady screaming at her neighbors to stop shooting because I have a baby trying to sleep. Lucky for everyone, Saw is a pretty heavy sleeper! Cooper on the other hand was totally freaked out. He spent most the nights {yes, fireworks were shot all weekend long around our neck of the woods} hiding under the bed.

See any resemblance? I didn't think so...
So happy together...He is my favorite and right now he is a momma's boy...I hope he stays that way for.ever.
In his festive outfit that I made him. Thanks for the fabric Aunt Shan.
It was a great weekend!


Whitney said...

OMG He is absolutely adorable. I wish we were closer so I could love on that baby too!! I miss you SO much! LOVE his outfit too!

Amanda said...

His outfit is adorable! Love it! I am going to need you to move a little bit closer and teach me how to make that stuff one day! :) So glad you guys had a good weekend but we def missed you here! Love you all! :)

BeLLa said...

Saw is always the happiest baby. Seriously Tipper, does he ever cry?

You did great on his outfit - it is super cute. xoxo