Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cereal for the first time.

It's been a big 7 or 8 days for Sawyer. He's tried cereal, really found his feet, rolled from his back to belly, started saying dadadada (and babbling a lot more in general), moved up to the next room at daycare (as of today), and he's started sitting up for longer periods of time by himself (he's still wobbly so he mostly sits on the bed or surrounded by pillows).

I'm amazed at how everyday he is discovering new things right before my eyes. It is bittersweet. While I am in awe of my child and am thoroughly enjoying every second and every milestone, I can't help but be a little saddened by how fast time is flying by. I am trying so hard to ingrain all of these special moments into my memory because I don't want to forget one single thing! But that's life, right?!

Here are some pictures of him trying cereal for the first time last Friday.
In his seat...ready to give it a whirl.
Such a happy little guy!
I have on my encouraging face and am trying to talk it up.
He doesn't look so sure - babies are so trusting.

We are a few days in and every day gets better. I think he likes it but it is just taking some getting used to.

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H2's Mommy said...

I want to squeeze his thighs in the last pic. He is for sure happy! He has had a busy few days! So exciting! Love him!