Monday, August 23, 2010

A day in the life at 6 months old...

4:45am - He's awake (for the third time since we put him down at 8:30pm) ...Daddy goes to get him. His diaper leaked so he gets a wardrobe change and comes down to our bed.

6:30am - He's awake again...he's in between us jabbering, dozing and entertaining himself and we are trying to catch any zzz's we can.

8:00am- I finally drag myself out of bed since it's obvious he isn't going back to sleep.

9:00am - hanging on the couch with mommy...I'm a slobber box!
10:00am - I just laid him down for a you can see, he's still awake.
11:00am- I'm awake. That was a nice45 minute nap!
12:00pm - ready for lunch...oatmeal today.
1:00pm - hanging out in the bumbo watching mommy eat lunch.
2:00pm - I don't have a picture. Saw went down for his second nap and I decided to take one too so we slept right through 2:00pm.

3:00pm - family playtime.
4:00pm - swinging...
5:00pm - in the jumperoo...
6:00pm - dinner...carrots.
7:00pm - just playing and snuggling.
8:00pm - bathed, in his jams and sleepy. All that is left is to get a full tummy and a little rocking/singing and then it's off to dreamland.

It was a good day!


Our Southern Front Porch said...

I love that smile! he is so cute!

Anonymous said...

The last comment said's it all!


BeLLa said...

Such a sweet, sweet baby with such a precious smile. looks like mom has a great routine going. tip, you are going to be so glad that you are making a journal of sawyers life. xoxo