Thursday, September 16, 2010

Random phone pictures

Just a few random pictures I've taken with my phone over the last couple of weeks. There are a ton more -- having a camera phone is so convenient -- but I wanted to share a couple of my favs.

Messy face -- but happy!
Another trip to Hobby Lobby -- poor child has been there more times than any 7 month old boy should. But he doesn't seem to mind! And it usually is because of something I am making for him.
I sent this one to my sister after I took it and her response was:
"Cute! Is he wearing shorts?"
So for anyone else wondering, yes, he is -- he just has them covered up with his lovey.
Play time
I sent this one to Keith while he was out of town. To wish him a good day. This was his first time in the shopping cart. He loved it!
(My Mom informed me that shopping cart was more of a politically correct term than buggy.) Ha!
Cheering on the Auburn Tigers. He was scared of the shaker at first but then he started shaking it. Never too early to start training a tiger fan! In the jumpy, hanging out. We are headed back home for a couple of days. And we are so excited! Although a little nervous about the 600+ miles we will be driving. I'm sure it will be fine. Our weekend is jam packed with a tailgate/engagement party, the Auburn game, a first birthday party and some much needed family time. I'll be back next week with pictures!


Our Southern Front Porch said...

You guys have fun this weekend! oh and ..... I call them buggies as well :)

Amanda said...

Hurry up and get here already! By the way, that last picture of Sawyer looks so much like you! Love it!