Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You know you're a Mom when...part 2

you can't remember anything! Like where you put your cell phone 2 minutes ago but don't have a problem remembering what your child wore last week, when he last pooped and what time he needs to eat next....

you can carry a purse, diaper bag, computer bag, lunch box, pump, car seat (with 19 lb. baby strapped in) and a cup of coffee to the car every morning. I'm telling you, this is a talent!

you are less worried about how you look and what you will wear and way more concerned with what your baby will wear and how cute he looks.

you literally pray that you will be the one with the cold instead of your baby, because that little cough is breaking your heart!

your favorite necklace is now one with your child's name stamped out on it. (I'm pretty sure I used to make fun of jewelry like this!)

you have no problem making normal everyday decisions but when it comes to things pertaining to your child, you question everything. Everything.

anytime anyone suggests any kind of plans (dinner, vacation, work trip, etc.) your mind immediately flies to your baby and how this "plan" will effect them.

you are no longer annoyed about sitting next to a baby on a plane. If they start crying, it doesn't bother you. Been there, done that, so you just flash the mom a supportive, reassuring smile.

your whole world is wrapped around this little person and you are totally okay with it. In fact, you wouldn't have it any other way!


BeLLa said...

i'm cracking up....because i'm pretty sure my three little darlings have made fun of me a few times over the years for being 'that mom' who is so ridiculous over them.

AND tipper, i'm pretty sure you DID make fun of jewelry like that.

oh what a joy to see my girls being a MOM.


H2's Mommy said...

I'm cracking up about the jewelry! You said it all perfect! Glad I'm not the only one that can't remember ANYTHING!

Amy said...

You hit the nail on the head! I love the one about getting everything to the car- so true!