Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Teacher

Who would have thought that you can learn so much from some one so small - who can't even talk! Oh, but, you can.

Everyday, Sawyer teaches me something new. Or sometimes just reminds me to slow down and remember what is really important.

He reminds me how basic our "needs" really are; to find joy in simple things; And love unconditionally.

It's so easy to get caught up with everyday life and miss sweet, little moments. I'm constantly reminding myself to enjoy it all (the good, the bad and the ugly - and I don't put much "ugly" on this blog, but trust me, it's there). Because time passes so quickly. Already, I catch glimpses of him now and think, wow...when did he get so big? How have 8 months already gone by? And how did I ever live without him?

I often stop myself in a moment and pray that God will always let me he smells, how soft his skin feels, how his little head fits perfectly in the crook of my neck and how my heart melts into a puddle when he smiles and lifts his arms for me to pick him up.
This season of my life is so sweet!

I recently read this quote:
"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about"

I couldn't have said it better myself!

Monday, October 25, 2010

A day in the life at 8 months old...

He woke up around 6:30am. He isn't really a fan of sleeping in...even on the weekends! I went up and fed and changed him and brought him down to our room.
{most of the pictures were taken with my iphone, the quality isn't great but it is so convenient}

7:00am - playing around in our bed. He is officially crawling. He started last week. I'm going to try and get a good video soon and post it.
We all got ready and headed out for some breakfast and to run some errands.
8:00am - eating at Chick-fil-A.
9:00am - cruising the aisles of Wal-Mart. He loves riding in the shopping cart. Notice the 230 piece bag of candy in the cart...this is the second round of candy we've bought. Hopefully this bag will make it to Halloween - for the trick or treaters.
We have a candy ghost in our house...but I won't mention any names!
Then we went to Hobby Lobby and the bank.
10:00am - heading home and he crashed.
He only slept for about 15 minutes in the car so when we got home I put him in his bed. He decided then would be a good time to start pulling up in the crib. So, Keith and I quickly lowered his mattress. {tear}
11:00am - pulling up
After another hour or so of playing he decided he was ready for a nap.
12:00pm - napping
1:00pm and 2:00pm -- look much like the above. He woke up around 2:15 and then had some lunch.

3:00pm - Watching the Auburn game! War Eagle! 8-0 and ranked #1!
Just a picture of our game day snack.
4:00pm - digging into the toy basket.
5:00pm - down for another quick nap -- only about 45 minutes.
6:00pm - dinner.
7:00pm - bath time. We got this duckie bath tub last week. We are both loving it!
8:00pm- Saw is fast asleep so we enjoy a good meal. We obviously don't go hungry!
It was a great day!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


We recently hung up our hummingbird feeder. And since then, we've had some visitors. They are so neat to watch. And I was finally able to get some pictures -- these guys are fast!

I just wanted to share!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend recap

We had a great weekend. Keith's brother, Brian, was here visiting and it was so nice to spend some time with him.

They spent a lot of time doing guy things...shooting pool, working on lawnmowers, winterizing the camper, etc.
Sawyer also loved spending time with his uncle Brian (he missed his Aunt Candy and cousin Colton, though).
Ready for our big game on Saturday -- which was AUsome! We are now 7-0 and ranked #4. Who would have thought it? There is still plenty of football left...but I am so proud of my Tigers!

We have this toy basket sitting on the counter next to Saw's bumbo. He loves to grab toys to play with while he is sitting in there but lately he prefers to pick up the whole basket and dump the toys everywhere!
My pumpkin!

These are the only pictures I got but we had a great time. I'm on my own this week - Keith left this morning and will be out of town all week for work - in Birmingham, actually.

It's just me and the babe...and Coop.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Saw in the walker...

Here is just a little video of Saw getting around in the walker.

He can really get moving.

It is so precious!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Some Fall Decorations, Y'all.

Thought I would show you what we did with all of the goodies we purchased at the Pumpkin Patch.
I have to give some kudos to my sweet husband. He is so helpful and actually very creative. He usually gives me a hard time about all my festive ideas but he always helps me!
And this time was no exception. I told him my vision -- then I had to go inside because Saw was waking up from his nap and when Saw and I walked back outside this is what it looked like.
It was like he jumped in my head and knew exactly what I wanted! Some of the inside decorations...
Front door.
This is the Halloween wreath that I made.
I've been on a wreath making kick lately -- this is our Auburn wreath that goes up every game day!
And this is one that I made for my brother and Sarah as a little engagment present.

This is Saw's candy bucket -- you know, for all the candy that he'll be collecting! This was actually a plain black bucket that my sister gave me. I spruced it up a bit.

I love this time of year.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

We went to the Pumpkin Patch on Saturday. It was a great day! Honestly, it was just one of those days where everything about it was enjoyable! The kind that makes you forget about how crummy the past week had been!

We headed out and got some lunch and then made our way to the pumpkin patch.
Inside at the petting zoo. This isn't the best picture but I love it. I love the way they are looking at each other - so sweet!
This pumpkin patch was run by a church and they had these bible verses hanging everywhere. It was really neat!

Saw getting a little brave!
So darn cute!
There were lots of photo ops!
More interested in the grass than me with my camera!
It was a beautiful day. A little warm but so much sunshine!
In the wheelbarrow with our pumpkins that we picked out.
They already had the pumpkins picked and you just selected the one you wanted. They also had a hay maze set up and lots of little games all through out the field.

You could also stuff your own scarecrow. You just brought the clothes and they had everything else. This is Keith stuffing ours.
We left with 1 scarecrow, 4 pumpkins, 6 gourds, 2 bales of hay, 2 corn stalks and lots of precious memories!