Sunday, October 10, 2010

8 months!

Dear Sawyer,

You are 8 months old! You are growing and changing right before our eyes. You are getting to be so resourceful and it is amazing to watch you figure things out - especially how to get what you want. It really is so fun to just watch you!

You aren't officially crawling - you'll only go backwards right now. But that doesn't stop you. You'll go backwards and then roll to get facing the other way and then go backwards again. It is pretty entertaining to watch. You can also go from a sitting position down on all fours and then from all fours back to a sitting position. You'll put your paci in by yourself and can even find it in your crib and put it in your mouth. It cracks us up watching you on the monitor.

You are still a great eater. You are still nursing 3 times a day and taking 2 bottles at daycare. And you are still eating baby food three times a day. You've also started eating some puffs, biter biscuits and I've just started giving you some table far, just some bread, green beans, and bananas.

You weigh around 21 lbs and are around 28 inches long.

You now have 4 teeth -- all on the bottom. They are like little razor blades!

You are still wearing size 3 diapers. And 6-9 month clothes.

You have really turned into a great sleeper! You go to bed around 7:30 and wake up around 6 or 6:30. You take two naps a day - usually around an hour and a half. In the morning and the afternoon. We can tell when you are getting tired and we just lay you down and then you go to sleep.

You still haven't said "momma" -- but you say "dada" all the time. And lots of other jibber jabber.

You love the walker and you get around good in it. You also love sitting in the floor and playing with toys. Well, you actually prefer other items over your toys...remotes, phones, measuring spoons, etc.

No one else has the ability to melt my heart like you can! You are an absolute joy!

I love you!

Here are some pictures of you at 8 months:


BeLLa said...

little are so precious and you are growing so fast. or maybe it just that time is going by too fast. you have the sweetest smile, and i wish i could see you crawling.

i love you for forever. xoxo

Anonymous said...

good looking kid...........................whose is he?

He looks like a little man!


Kathy Jo said...

My Little Man! You are growing too fast! It melts my heart when I see your smiling face! I think you see Mommy bring out her camera and know exactly what you are to do! I love you so very much!! I can't wait to see you soon!

Tiff, those pictures are GREAT! You are such a photographer!

I love you all!
Kathy (Nonnie)

Jennrob said...

oh my goodness, i just want to crawl through this computer and play with that little handsome man! he's so cute. i can't believe he's 8 months! he's an awesome sleeper and kudo's for sticking w/ the breastfeeding!