Monday, October 4, 2010

Mini Vacation

I know I kind of disappeared. We've been busy. Busy working and busy playing and just busy with life.

My Dad and Kathy came for a visit last week and we even took a little weekend get away with them to Branson, MO. We had so much fun and enjoyed spending lots of time with them. Sawyer especially loved all the attention and it is so nice having extra hands around!

Here are some pictures of our weekend trip.
Our cabin. It was so nice!

We took the dogs with us. Cooper loves road trips and he loved bothering playing with Abbey.
Up on a mountain top.
Saw was snoozing in the car so he missed this photo op.
Friday night we had dinner at the Dixie Stampede. This was really entertaining. They serve you dinner (that you eat with your hands only) while you watch a show. Saw did pretty good. He watched for a while but got pretty tired so he slept through the last 45 minutes or so.
Out front before it started - taking some pictures in front of the horses.
This is a great picture.

Saturday we decided to head to Silver Dollar City. This is an amusement park with lots of shows and there was also a craft fair going on so there was a lot to do.
Heading out for the day.

Happy boy! He did really good all day Saturday.
Inside the park.
This was one of the roller coasters. Pretty funny. Keith and I rode a couple while my Dad and Kathy watched Saw. It was really fun!
They had this huge rocking chair that we climbed up in to take some pictures.

This was inside at one of the shows.
This was a blown glass demonstration.
Lots of super cute fall decorations.
On the train
Skit during the train ride.
Loving the train ride.

This one is my favorite from the weekend -- so cute!

Family shot before leaving Sunday morning!
It was a great weekend. And really put me in the fall spirit! Nothing like a trip to the mountains to do that to you! We enjoyed having my Dad and Kathy and hope they come back very soon. Keith and I decided that Branson would make a good yearly weekend trip.


Kathy Jo said...

Tiff, Keith and Sawyer! We had such a GREAT time with you all!!! Our first of many vacations with little Sawyer!! Sawyer is such a sweet little man and such a joy to be around - I missed his smiling face this morning!
I can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks - time will fly!!!

I love you all!!
Kathy (aka Nonnie)

H2's Mommy said...

I must admit I'm so jealous of all of the smiling pics that you get of Sawyer! I try everything and my girls either have their eyes shut or they're turning away or pitching a fit...and to get a good pic of all 4 of us is almost impossible. Sawyer has the cutest smile and is such a good and happy baby! Can't wait to see you all again! I miss this little guy and you too Sis!

BeLLa said...

ditto shan. sawyer is always smiling.

silver dollar city looks like like alot of fun. especially liked the "honey i shrunk the kids" pic in the rocking chair. glad you had a good mini vacation. xoxo