Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend recap

We had a great weekend. Keith's brother, Brian, was here visiting and it was so nice to spend some time with him.

They spent a lot of time doing guy things...shooting pool, working on lawnmowers, winterizing the camper, etc.
Sawyer also loved spending time with his uncle Brian (he missed his Aunt Candy and cousin Colton, though).
Ready for our big game on Saturday -- which was AUsome! We are now 7-0 and ranked #4. Who would have thought it? There is still plenty of football left...but I am so proud of my Tigers!

We have this toy basket sitting on the counter next to Saw's bumbo. He loves to grab toys to play with while he is sitting in there but lately he prefers to pick up the whole basket and dump the toys everywhere!
My pumpkin!

These are the only pictures I got but we had a great time. I'm on my own this week - Keith left this morning and will be out of town all week for work - in Birmingham, actually.

It's just me and the babe...and Coop.

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BeLLa said...

awhh, what a great weekend for bros. love the pumpkin onesie i'm sure you made for saw. i especially love the pose with the basket - he looks like "hope nobody saw me empty this basket again". too cute. xoxo