Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Time to be Jolly...

Yesterday was a good day. Scratch that...a great day! Honestly, I was dreading it. Back to the grind after 5 days off, a holiday and my family was gone. But it felt good to get back to normal. And we put up a lot of our decorations on Sunday so it helped waking up and seeing our house decked out in decorations. Plus Saw was all smiles and we had big plans after work to head to the Christmas Tree Farm.

It was so fun. We took lots of pictures and got a perfect tree.

After we got home and started to deck the tree. He was amazed at the lights. Watching his eyes light up, taking it all in, made decorating so much more fun.
And if I'm being totally honest, I even had a fleeting thought about not doing as much decorating this year because we leave in less than 3 weeks to go home, we won't be here on Christmas, it's a lot of work for less than 3 weeks, blah, blah, blah. And then I thought, who am I kidding! This is my child's very 1st Christmas and I don't care if it's only to enjoy for 3 hours, he is worth every second of "work". Just to see his little face take in all the wonder that is this time of year!
I know...mother of the year, right! But this happened in about .2 seconds while I was clicking and obviously I pulled it right out but it was so cute I wanted to share. Everything is straight to the mouth!
I know, I've said it a million times...a baby changes everything. Including the holidays. I've always loved this time of year and all the traditions that come with it. I was lucky to grow up with a pretty awesome family and some pretty awesome traditions. And now I'm no longer just someones child following the traditions my parents started.

Now, I'm the mom. And it's up to me to start our own family traditions or continue existing ones. Everything that my kids remember about this time of year will be from what I (we) instill in them. And I want to be intentional about it. I want them to feel the magic of the season and I want them to always remember the real reason we celebrate CHRISTmas. Starting now...even though Saw won't remember anything from this year, we will. We will remember everything about his very 1st Christmas.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Our Thanksgiving Holiday...

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Complete with some visitors and 5 days off of work! My Mom, Grandad & Mary joined us for Saw's 1st Thanksgiving and we spent lots of time enjoying them.

We started our feast preparations Wednesday night (after a delicious Mexican dinner) and then we played games. We started with Domino's and ended with Scattergories. It was a blast! I've really been wanting to make Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls and thought Thanksgiving morning would be the perfect time! They were every bit as good as she proclaims!
Granddad entertained a busy boy as we were in the kitchen making breakfast.
Look at all that gooey goodness...
Little Turkey! Notice his chompers. Currently, 4 on the bottom and 2 on the top.
This child is such a blessing.
We spent the day being lazy...watching the parade, the dog show and looking through the black Friday ads.
We like to fry our turkey's around here. This was Keith's first time and he did an awesome job! It was so good. And lucky for us...there is plenty left and we are still enjoying it!

Taking some pictures after dinner.
And Cooper got his annual Thanksgiving treat.

So glad to have my beautiful Mom here. It was a great week with her...and I'm sad she's gone! But I'll see her and the rest of my family in 3 short weeks!

And of course Friday was spent biting our nails watching the Iron Bowl. Our friend Mary just moved to Tulsa (yay) and she came over for the game. This is the only picture I have of her.
I am SO proud to be an Auburn Tiger!
Celebrating after the game. Saw was excited about the victory!

Saw inherited another toy from his cousins! And he loved.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving...this year!

I remember this day last year...pregnant, starting a new job, moving to a new state, etc. We were so excited and so thankful! But I don't think we realized just how good it would be! It has truly been the best year of my life! Do I even need to mention why?! Obviously it's because of one little boy who holds my heart in his chubby, usually sticky, baby hands! But it's also more than that. Or maybe it's just the fact that everything seems so.much.better. because of him. It just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter!

I could write out a list a mile long of all the things I am thankful for. It is a lot, because, trust me friends, I am blessed! But instead, I am going to spend this entire day living in each moment...soaking up the sweet memories that will be made with some people I love a whole lot!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One step at a time.

We've mastered the step. Sort of. Well, mastered is pretty strong. We are going up like an old pro but coming back down is a different story. He does this sort of crawl down/forward roll combination. The below pictures are a good illustration.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

'round here...

We've just been trucking along...living life!

We have a sick little baby. He started feeling bad over the weekend...lots of snot and congestion! So I took him to the Dr. on Monday and sure enough, it had moved into his ears -- both were infected. I hate seeing him sick...it is heartbreaking. We fight a runny nose pretty much constantly (thank.you.very.much.daycare.) but this is his first ear infection.

After a couple of days of antibiotics he is doing much better!
Keith is out of town again...we miss him something fierce...we are managing! I love watching Saw discover new things. Moments like this are so precious to my heart!

Keith bought me some caramel corn from our neighborhood boyscout. He doesn't like it so I'll be forced to eat the whole bag. Darn.
We kept a fire all weekend. It was awesome. Before Keith left Monday morning, I started asking questions about starting one by myself. I'm pretty sure it made him nervous. It is supposed to get down to freezing tonight so I may just give it a whirl!
So much to be thankful for. I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week! I'm so looking forward to this holiday season...I know experiencing it with Sawyer will make it that much better. Well, pretty much everything is better because of him!

How awesome is this frame that now hangs in our den? Keith made it for me! He's the best, huh?! He took an old window that only had two glass panes in it. He added the pictures and then decided to use wire to spell out love in the spot that was missing the glass. Told you guys he's creative. My sister jokes that he needs to make two of everything...one for our family and one for hers.
A beautiful reminder of the promise of a new day.