Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More Halloween Pictures...

I wanted to share some more pictures of our Halloween weekend.

We are catching a flight home today and we'll be there until Saturday. We have lots planned. We are dedicating Sawyer Wednesday night at church. And Thursday is our annual Christmas Village day - you can read about last year here. We are looking forward to spending lots of time with family/friends. However, we are also having to board Cooper for the first time and I'm really stressed/nervous/sick about it. I know, I know...he'll be fine. But he is still my baby and I worry about him. He isn't exactly the most laid back, friendly dog. Say a prayer, please.
I'll be back next week with a ton of pictures!


BeLLa said...

Awesome pics Tipper! Sawyer is adorable and such a good sport getting his picture made so often. Love the one of him and Coopie. Your mums are beautiful and I CANNOT believe all of the peppers you still have in your garden.

So excited about you guys coming home and super excited about our big day tomorrow. Our shirts will rock again this year!

Coop will be fine, but we probably need to pary for you...not him. =)


Kathy Jo said...

I probably could not contain myself from lots of luvin on that Little Man if I walked in his room and he was standing in the bed looking at me like the first pic! He is so adorable! I can't wait to see you all and spend time with you! What a special moment you will have as a family tomorrow night! God has richly blessed you with a wonderful husband and child! And yes, we will pray for you all - you, Keith, Sawyer and Coopie!

Much love!
Kathy (Nonnie)

Our Southern Front Porch said...

OH Tiffany! Next time let Cooper stay with us!!! please! Cody would love a friend! He gets so tired of me and J.

Jess said...

LOVE the pics and the cute Halloween candy bucket with Sawyers name on it! Cooper will be okay, it's always hard to leave them.