Thursday, November 11, 2010

More pictures from our trip home

I wanted to share the rest of our pictures from our trip home last week.
This was during our layover in Dallas. Sawyer did awesome traveling. He slept all 4 times on the plane. He would get restless and a little fussy before take off but as soon as we got going he was out. Praise the Lord!
His hair is crazy!
GrandBob and the grandbabies -- this picture is tradition now. Not sure who the kids were looking at but it clearly wasn't me with the camera!
Saw crawling around.

I miss my neices so much! Harper is so sweet and was my buddy all week. She is so funny and I love just talking to her. And Henley is wild and brave and on the move. I wish I got to see them more.
We went to eat at Chuy's Friday night at The Summit. It was yummy!

At the airport heading home.

It was such a great trip.


Amanda said...

I am in love with little man's chicken hair....too precious for words! He's such a happy baby too! Also I knew that you would like Chuy's...we love us some Mexican food! :)

BeLLa said...

You say 'who were the babies looking at' when you made their picture with GrandBob.....well of course they were looking at their BeLLa. =)

Love Saw's AU outfit you made. War Cam Eagle!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Now we know why they have those looks on their faces!!!