Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Misc.

On my mind this Monday morning:
  • I really think Sawyer is the cutest little boy ever.  I know every parent feels this way about their child...but, he is so stinkin' cute!
  • My baby will be 1 in 9 days.  How is this even possible?!
  • We are in full on birthday planning...the theme is sock is going to be precious!
  • They are predicting a blizzard to hit Oklahoma this week.  Starting tonight and lasting through Wednesday.  A foot of snow and 30 mph winds making it feel like it is below zero.
  • Keith flies out today at 12:30 and doesn't return until next Wednesday.  Yes, that is correct -- 9 nights!  Feel free to pray for me.
  • We had Sawyer's 1 year pictures taken last week -- I love them.  You can check out a sneak peak here.  Told you...cutest kid ever!
  • I am really thankful for a flexible job...because if a blizzard hits I'll be working from home.  Which alleviates a lot of stress.
  • We are down to nursing in the mornings only and honestly I'm not sure how long we'll keep this one going.  I am a little sad but I feel like it's time...and he is ready.  We made it a long way and I am super proud!  The goal was 1 year.  This was one of the hardest and most rewarding things I've ever done in my life!
  • I'm ready for lunch already.
  • I have been watching a pair of shoes on ebay for Saw for over a week and within an hour of the auction ending I got sidetracked and lost.  SO mad!
  • My to-do list is growing by the I need to get back at it.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

He's smart...

Remember when I told you here that Saw would go down the single stair  into our den head first.  Well, the boy is smart and figured out a better way.

There's that tongue again...I love it!

He's so smart and I'm pretty sure the cutest thing I've ever seen.

He is also really into emptying off the bottom shelf on our bookcase.  Pretty much everyday -- over and over again.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

taking steps...

Sawyer started taking some steps last week.  And I was finally able to catch them on camera.  I also have it on the video camera but it is way more time consuming to post a video than pictures so these will have to do.

He can't go from sitting to standing on his own yet but anytime he pulls up on something he walks away from it instead of crawling.  But if he falls down he usually crawls to where he is trying to go because he is much faster that way.  But he is walking more and more everyday.

Check out his tongue -- cracks me up!

He really is turning into such a big boy.  I don't think it will much longer until he is walking everywhere.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sharing some pics of our week...

I know...It's been a while.  But honestly, I haven't really had much to blog about.  We've just been trucking along...but I thought I would share a few pictures from our week.

This guy celebrated a birthday.  He is now 5 years old.  We've been giving him extra treats all week.

We woke up to a good amount of snow yesterday morning.  So, me and Saw stayed home.  It was nice.  That was the second day this week I stayed home with him.  I was also home with him Monday due to a little carseat snafu.

This picture is really over exposed but I kind of like it.

This little guy loved being home.  He has taken a couple of steps.  We got it on video and I'll be posting it soon.  But here is him standing up.  

His new favorite thing is to push the kitchen chairs or bar stools all around the house.

And he still loves the dog food.  Look at his belly.  Kieth and I laugh all the time about his big belly.

This is when I dropped the camera and put the dog food up.

Please ignore the dried snot on his face.  This picture is to show you his busted lip...poor baby.  He fell into a toy at daycare.

But it didn't seem to phase him -- he was his happy self.

I am so glad today is Friday!

Friday, January 14, 2011

We are the CHAMPIONS!

We won!  We did it!  And it was AUsome!!

It really was such an amazing experience.  The whole weekend...there was just something in the much excitement and I'm so glad we were able to be there.
This was Saturday morning before we left.  I was so sad to say goodbye to my little guy.  We missed him so much but I do think we made the right decision in not taking him.  I think he would have been miserable.  But it was seriously hard and I won't be leaving him again for a long time!  My Dad and Kathy were great and kindly answered all my texts and phone calls with questions about what he was doing, how he was sleeping, eating, etc.  (Well, mostly Kathy...Dad thought I was being crazy.)

Jon and Sarah arriving at the airport.  We held up a sign for them.

This billboard was right across from our hotel.  How cool is it?!

Once everyone arrived Saturday night we headed out for some dinner. 

I can just hear my brothers laugh looking at this picture.

Our hotel window

Sunday we headed to the stadium.  There was a really cool shopping center right next to it so we spent the day there.

We went to a really cool dueling piano bar Sunday night.  It was packed with fans for both teams so most of the night was spent yelling our cheers at each other.  It was really fun!

Monday, headed to the stadium.

We saw Aubie!

Our group...not sure why I thought it would be a good idea to look directly in the sun for the picture...well, I guess because I was wearing sunglasses.  But this is the only one I have of the whole group from game day.

With our tickets...yay!

This guy was awesome...but he didn't quite have the Heisman pose down.

The mountains in the background were really cool.

The eagle flew during the national anthem...and EVERYBODY commented on how AUsome it was.  All the Oregon fans loved it.  I don't care who you pull really is something.

Hitting the field...fired up and ready to go!

4th quarter

WE WON!  And I don't think I've ever cheered so hard in all my life...I thought my arm might fall off from shaking my shaker.

Celebration time.

And of course, it wouldn't be an AUBURN victory without a little toilet paper.

SO happy!

There was so much orange and it was beautiful sight.

I had to include a picture of our "white war eagle winner's wagon"....It is missing some of it's embellishments in this picture but it was great cruising around all weekend in a minivan...seriously, that thing was nice.

It really was an unbelievable trip. 
It's great to be an Auburn Tiger!