Thursday, January 6, 2011

A day in the life at 10 months old...

I do these "day in the life" post as a way to document what Sawyer is doing each month, how he is growing, what he is into, his routine at that specific time, etc.  They are just ordinary days...and for some of you may be extremely boring.  But I actually love the ordinary.  Some of the best memories are made on ordinary days.  And I document it because I want to remember it all.

Jan. 2nd, 2010

Sawyer actually woke up around 6:30.  I went up and fed him and laid him back down and he slept till about 8:30am.

9:00am - "helping" take down the Christmas tee.  He didn't do much helping but he did make it more fun!  And he is rocking some adorable bed head!!

10:00am - some play time after he had cereal and fruit for breakfast. 

11:00am and 12:00pm - naptime...

He woke up shortly after twelve.  He had some lunch and then back to just hanging out.  He's on the move.  And if it ever gets really quiet then you better find him because he is into something!

1:00pm - in our bedroom while I did some laundry.  He is obsessed with opening and closing doors.  It is so fascinating to him...but makes me so nervous that he is going to smash his fingers.

2:00pm - We actually ran to Target but I don't have a pictures.
3:00pm - He was actually asleep...again I don't have a picture.

4:00pm- Up from his nap.  It was a short one.

5:00pm - Having a snack.  He crawled up my leg as I was handing him a cracker.  He immediately spit the paci out and you can actually see it falling to the ground...he likes to eat. 

6:00pm - more play time.

7:00pm - in the bath tub.

We played around in the tub for a while and then it was time for nite nite.  He was asleep by around 7:30.

Again, just an ordinary day but a true picture of our life right now.


Kathy Jo said...

Soooo precious!!!! That bed head it tooo cute!! :) I look forward to another year of your updates, precious pictures and loving words about Lil Man and your wonderful life!!

Much love to you all!

H2's Mommy said...

I love how your den is looking like mine...full of toys!