Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snowed In!

I mentioned in my last post that a blizzard was supposed to hit...well, the weatherman didn't miss on this one.  It hit.  And it hit hard!

The first couple of pictures were taken Tuesday during the middle of the snow fall.  It came down for about 12 hours straight.  We ended up with 18 inches of snow.

Looking out a window in our den.

Poor Cooper...he's actually done pretty good.  I had to clear off a spot for him to go to the bathroom but he's pretty quick when I let him out.  Because it is bitter cold.  I put his little booties on him so his paw won't freeze.

This was actually taken this morning...two days later.  This is out the front door.  The wind has been blowing really hard so it has created snow drifts that are 3 feet deep in some places.

It is hard to tell in this picture but it is probably up 2 feet on the garage door. 

Out the sun room.

Can you see that really deep drift?  Crazy!

This storm is the worst in Tulsa history -- breaking all kinds of records.  Thank the Lord we did not lose power.  We are is crazy as you can imagine (since driving is what we do), but I'm trying to just stay calm and enjoy all the quality time with my little boy.  Who, by the way, is loving being home!  It's a good thing because I honestly don't know when we'll be able to get out of here!


Amanda said...

That is crazy how much snow you guys have! We just got the not so fun part with cold air and rain here and there...enjoy your time with your handsome boys!

Kathy Jo said...

All I can say is OH.MY.GOSH!!!!! That is a LOT of SNOW!!!! It looks really pretty though!! and poor little Coopie...he looks cute in his little boots!!! I know lil Man is so excited to be home with you and get allll your attention!! I can't wait to see you all in just a few more days! I pray that all of this will be gone so that Keith can get home safely and you all can leave to come home for a little fun!! What were you thinking one year ago today??? Just a week to go...

Much love to you all!

BeLLa said...

Really! You have not been exaggerating about the amount of snow in your yard. Can't wait to see pics of Sawyer out in it. And Coop's boots (ha!) are crazy. Love it that he actually wears them! Stay warm and safe! xoxo