Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

PS - More ultrasound pics coming soon!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekend pictures...

Just some pictures of our weekend.

Someone is getting taller...and into everything.


We celebrated Keith's birthday with dinner out Saturday night.  Sunday we all enjoyed breakfast together at home.  And Keith got to eat on his special plate all day.  We went out for lunch and ran some errands.  Then just hung out at home together.  It was a really nice day!

Of course there was cake!
And he had a little buddy to help him blow out the candles...and eat the cake!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Today my favorite person turns 30.  Keith doesn't get near the credit he should on this blog, but around here we all think he is pretty awesome!

 He works really hard for our family. 
 He pitches in more than your average husband.  He does most of the laundry, runs the swiffer everyday, helps cook, keeps the house neat, cleans up spilled milk and cheerios, baths Cooper and this list could go on and on.  This really is a tiny sampling of all he does...I promise.

Point is, he's the best.  And I know we don't tell him so as often as we should.  We all appreciate him and love him so much.  And hope he has a great birthday and many, many, many more!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Team Blue or Team Pink??

Ribbons and lace

And hair to curl

We're having a beautiful


Ha -- tricked you! =)

We are so excited!  

Two precious boys.
My boys.
Tiff's boys.
I like the sound of that!

Today is a big day!

We get to find out boy or girl today.  We are so excited.  But I'm also really excited just to see our little baby and make sure everything is good and the baby is healthy and growing.  Such a miracle.

I said it last time when I was pregnant with Sawyer but days like this are rare in life.  A life changing day but in the best possible way!  To me one of the top 3 days of the entire pregnancy -- along with actually having the baby and finding out your pregnant. 

We are so blessed...either way it turns out.  We are already so in love with this little baby!  But it will be nice to know!  So here's hoping the baby cooperates!

I'll be back tomorrow to share the news!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Guess what!?

Yep, Sawyer is going to be a big brother!  We are thrilled!

I am 17 weeks -- due Aug. 27th.  So far, everything is going great.  I feel really good -- there were a couple of rough days in the first trimester but as of now, I'm great.  Which is good because a 13 month old really keeps you busy!

We actually have our big ultrasound scheduled for this Thursday and we can't wait.  We are so excited to find out if we are having another boy or a little girl.  Of course, all that really matters is a healthy baby!

We are so blessed!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Little Shamrock

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More play time

Below are some more pictures of our weekend.

Saturday morning started with Pioneer Woman's cinnamon good!

The weather was awesome so we spent most of the day outside playing.

This little guy didn't know what to think with all the extra company.  But he probably gained a couple of lbs. from all the food that was dropped/given to him.  I think he enjoyed himself!

We took this same picture last year when they visited in June.

Another attempt at a picture of all three of them.  They had matching shamrock shirts but someone didn't want to cooperate!

It was a great visit!

Monday, March 14, 2011


We've had some company! 

My Dad, Kathy, Sister, Harper & Henley came to visit.  They arrived Thursday afternoon and left this morning.  Our house was way too quiet this morning!  There are a lot of ways to describe 3 full days with 3 little kids but to me joyful is the most fitting.  While I am so sad that they are gone, my tank is full.  Three days with some family was just what I needed.  We did lots of cooking and eating, lots of playing, and lots of laughing. 

Below are some pictures from the first day.
A rainbow cake that Harper and I made Thursday night.  I knew she would be the perfect assistant and she was.  Just looking at this cake makes me happy!

Friday we packed a picnic and headed to the park.  Everybody had fun!

Just in case you ever wondered what would happen if you asked a 4 year old, 17 month old and 13 month old to stand still and look at the camera...this is what you get.

I'll share some more pictures tomorrow.