Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More play time

Below are some more pictures of our weekend.

Saturday morning started with Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls....so good!

The weather was awesome so we spent most of the day outside playing.

This little guy didn't know what to think with all the extra company.  But he probably gained a couple of lbs. from all the food that was dropped/given to him.  I think he enjoyed himself!

We took this same picture last year when they visited in June.

Another attempt at a picture of all three of them.  They had matching shamrock shirts but someone didn't want to cooperate!

It was a great visit!


BeLLa said...

Looks like the kiddies had so much fun...mommies too! I love the picture of Harper with the bubbles -- she looks just like Shannon!

So glad yall had such a great visit. xoxo

Kathy Jo said...

Tiff, GREAT does not begin to express the fun that was had this weekend!!! First of all, there was a lot of cooking and baking on your part! Pioneer Woman watch out! And I think we all gained a little more weight from it all!! Second, the company was AWESOME! Every day was just a blast...the food, the park, the crafting, the talking and the playing...what a TERRIFIC weekend!!!

Much love to you all (and thanks to you and Keith for your hospitality!)