Thursday, March 24, 2011

Team Blue or Team Pink??

Ribbons and lace

And hair to curl

We're having a beautiful


Ha -- tricked you! =)

We are so excited!  

Two precious boys.
My boys.
Tiff's boys.
I like the sound of that!


BeLLa said...

Tipper, I am so happy for you, Keith, Sawyer & Cooper. Even though I was Team Pink another boy seems so right for your family.

You are an awesome Mom to Sawyer, and my prayer for 'your' boys will be for them to have the same special, for always, bond like you share with Shan.

God has blessed me beyond words to see my girls become precious Moms and for me to experience the joy of being a GRANDmother.

I Love You More! xoxo, Mom

p.s. what a great, creative post!

H2's Mommy said...

Harper will be so excited to get another baby brother cousin! I'm pretty excited and can't wait to hear his cute name! You are an amazing mother and he's a lucky guy to have you! Sawyer is getting a best friend for life! It'll make you smile watching "your boys" together! I love you so much!

Amy said...

Congratulations! Sawyer will love having a brother to play with!

Amanda said...

Yay for boys!!! You are such a boy mom and I can't wait to meet your other little man! :)

Kathy Jo said...

I knew this post was going to be super creative and you didn't let me down! I'll go ahead and put out there that the NEXT Baby J will be a girl because she is going to be so fiesty that she will need two brothers to watch over her!!! :)

I am so VERY excited for you, Keith, Lil Man and Coopie!! Cooper just won't know what is going on!! Watching you with Lil Man is such a joy and I can't wait to see you with the two of them. You are SUCH a wonderful, loving mommy and Keith is SUCH a great daddy that this Lil Man will know love from the second he sees you! God has truly blessed the Jackson family in so many ways and He will continue to bless you in your wonderful life!

My heart is so full this morning! Two girls and two boys!!! Popsy and I can't wait for family vacations!!!

I love you all!!

Our Southern Front Porch said...

That was GREAT! TOOO funny! CONGRATS! Can't wait to meet that little guy!

Jess said...

Yayaya!! That is wonderful Tiff! Conrats to you guys!

Jonathan said...

Congrats sister!

Oh and tell Keith,
Kyle Busch Rules!!!

Love you guys! You should name him Nathan... after me

Jennrob said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I LOVE having my two boys! They are so much fun and love playing together! I hope you are feeling well! Love you guys!