Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A wagon ride

The weather was really nice yesterday afternoon, so we decided to load up and go for a walk/wagon ride.  Sawyer enjoyed his afternoon snack while riding.  He loved it.

He looked so cute in his little hat!

This was towards the end and he was getting a little restless and trying to stand up.

So we let him out and he walked some.  And pushed the wagon.

He looks like a little boy here.  Not a baby anymore!

And I'm thinking a little trim might be in our near future.  

I'm not sure if he is cutting more teeth - I can't feel any but he is drooling like crazy.  See it?

So stinkin cute!  

I'm hoping the weather sticks so we can start enjoying lots more walks.


Amanda said...

He does look like a little boy! He is getting so good at that walking thing too! Can't get any cuter!

Kathy Jo said...

Oh My!! He does look like a little boy! He is just so precious! I hope it is pretty next week so we can all play outside!! I can't wait to give him a BIG HUG!!

Much love to you all!!

Oh, and by the way your photography skills are great! You always capture such beautiful shots!!

H2's Mommy said...

OK-he looks just like you in these pictures and I still see Jonathan in him too! Love the hat and as usual he's so cute!

BeLLa said...

i agree with shan, he does look a lot like his mommy when she was one. my fav pics are the two of him pushing the wagon. what a cutie pie. xoxo