Monday, April 11, 2011

14 Months!

Dear Sawyer,

You are 14 months old.  And when I look at you now I no longer see a baby but a little boy instead.  A smiling, blue eyed, beautiful boy!

You are so much fun to be with.  I really love playing with you and spending all my time with you.  Sometimes I even miss you when you are napping.  You are that much fun.  You are becoming more and more independent and you need your momma less and less.  And while this saddens me some, I'm just so thankful that you are healthy and thriving!

You love books - mostly just to throw them on the floor but I'm hoping eventually you'll like to read them.  And your plastic baseball bats.  You are constantly carrying 2 bats around the house.  You also really like your fire truck that makes lots of noise.  And you love being outside.  You have to go out and walk around outside every time we let Cooper out.  And now that the weather is nice we spend a little time outside everyday.  You also love to be chased and scared.  This will really get you giggling.

You love to climb the stairs and we climb up them every night when it's time for your bath.  You still like your baths.  You go to bed around 8pm and wake up around 6:30.  You are still taking two naps a day when we are home - in the morning and afternoon.  Usually a couple hours each.  You still don't nap very good at daycare so you usually nap when we get home in the afternoons.

You are in the process of moving up to the next room at daycare.  You sit at a little table for your meals and sleep on this little cot.  The sound of this totally freaked me out because you are way too young for that, right?!  But you've actually done really well.  The cot is like 1 inch off the ground for anybody else reading this that freaked out a little.  And the table and chairs are mini too.  It's pretty cute watching you interact in this bigger room.

You weight around 24 lbs and are around 29 inches tall.  You are wearing size 18 month clothes and size 4 shoes.  Although some of the 4's are starting to get too tight so we'll be moving into 5's soon.  You wear size 4 diapers

You are a really good eater.  You will eat pretty much anything we do and so far you aren't very picky.  I hope you are always like that.  A few of your favorite foods are: muffins, spaghetti, carrots, cinnamon rolls, blueberries, green beans, cheese, bread, hot dogs and cake.  You are loving the whole milk.  And you have ever since we transitioned you around 12 months.  You drink 4-5 sippy cups a day.  You also really like water.  You have 8 teeth - 4 on top and 4 on bottom.

You are saying a few words now and you finally said ma-ma about a month ago.  But you still mostly jibber jabber.  But you are smart.  When we ask you if you want your milk, you will walk to the fridge.  And when we say it's bath time you go to the stairs to start climbing.

Watching you explore and learn and grow and change everyday is such a privilege.  I'm so so thankful that God chose me to be your momma.  Nothing makes my heart happier!

I love you so much, buddy!

Here a few pictures of you at 14 months (I'm over trying to make you sit in that chair):


Kathy Jo said...

Sawyer, you are a growing little man!! That first picture is adorable!!

I love you, my Lil Man!!

BeLLa said...

What a little cutie pie. I'm so thankful for all of the precious pictures you post of Sawyer - seems like he changes everyday.

love the growth chart you made. xoxo

morgan823 said...

He's precious! Love his outfit too.