Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a great weekend celebrating Easter.  Sawyer is still too young to really participate in all the activities but he is at a really fun age where everything is so new and exciting.  I am so in love with that little boy ~ sometimes I think my heart could explode.

Anyway, back to Easter.

We dyed eggs Saturday afternoon.

I did most of the dying but Saw loved watching and holding the eggs before they were dipped and after they dried.  But only for a second because he kept wanting to throw them.  I see many broken eggs in our future.

Saturday night we prepared our resurrection buns and we enjoyed them for breakfast Sunday morning before watching church.

My little helper.

But he mostly wanted to just eat the marshmallows.

Nothing like a little sugar right before bed...

The Easter bunny came.

We actually had terrible weather all weekend so we didn't get to spend anytime outside.  But we still had a great time being together and celebrating.

Family picture taken with the timer -- this only took about 361 attempts to get this halfway decent picture.

My two favs!

We watched church and then went out and enjoyed a great lunch.  Then Sawyer and I dropped Keith off at the airport.  He is out of town all week and doesn't get back until Saturday morning.  We are already missing him!  But I am looking forward to lots of one on one time with my little buddy!


Kathy Jo said...

Your pictures are always so amazing and capture everything that is going on! Lil Man looks like he is having so much fun with those eggs!!! :)

He is just the most precious and handsome little boy...EVER!!!

Much love to you all!!!

Jess said...

Happy Easter to you guys! Love Sawyer's pjs!

morgan823 said...

Such cute pictures!! He's getting so big. Love his bug outfit.