Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A reminder.

 My heart has been really heavy for the past week.  The devastating storms that swept through my home state and all across the south last week have left so many people with so little.  I keep reading stories of those who lost their lives -- a 7 week old baby who will no longer have a mommy; 17 month old twins, one has died and other is fighting for her life; college students; grandparents and so many more.  It is all too much.  I am so thankful that all my family is safe.  The extent of their damage was their grocery bill to restock their fridge after being without power for 5 days.

Life can change so quickly.  I can't help but hug Sawyer a little more often, a little tighter and a little longer.  It shouldn't take a tragedy to remind us of what is most important but the reality is that sometimes it does. 

Keith was working in Mississippi all last week so he too was in the middle of the storms.  And he saw first hand some of the damage.  He said the pictures don't do it justice.  He flew back home Friday night and we were so thankful to see him.  He snapped a couple of pictures from the airplane.  You can see a small part of the path the tornado took. 

Waiting at the airport for Daddy.

Sawyer is almost 15 months.  But I still find myself literally in awe of him.  The love I have for this child...there are no words!

The rest of our weekend was pretty lazy but nice.  We had great weather Saturday so we spent some time outside.  Outside and balls are two of Saw's favorite things right now.  I'm thinking we have a little soccer player on our hands.

I am so blessed!


Amanda said...

Yes you are indeed blessed beyond words! You have a gorgeous family and are so lucky that everyone is ok from the storms. I can not believe the pics from the airplane and the distinct trail you can see from the tornado...crazy and very scary! Saw Man is getting so big and is cuter every time I see him! :)

morgan823 said...

The pictures Keith took are just amazing. Everytime I look at pictures and hear the stories on the radio or from friends it makes my heart break for everyone's loss. So thankful all my family and friends are safe! Sawyer is precious!

H2's Mommy said...

All I can say is wow! It was a scary storm and I too am so thankful that everyone was safe! As I bought restocked my fridge, I was so thankful that I have my family and a house to come home to. The pic Keith took is so crazy that you can clearly see the path it took! On a happier note-the picture of Keith holding Sawyer at the airport is such a happy moment and you can see the love on his face for his boy! Love seeing your sweet boy...he's so cute and wearing a pretty cute shirt too! ;)

Kathy Jo said...

It is a terrible tragedy for so many to go through...seeing first hand the devastation brought to reality to's all just stuff and thank you God for my family and they are all safe. I am so blessed to have each of you! Your words are truly touching and your pictures are always amazing!!

I agree, what a great pic of Keith and Sawyer...there is nothing like that unconditional love!!! He is growing so much and just gets cuter by the day!!!!!

I love you all!!!