Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beach Pictures

First off, thank you for your sweet comments on the pictures yesterday.  I'm in love with them.  I've had that vision in my head for a while and I was dead set on getting that picture.  And it turned out exactly how I hoped.  I think it is so sweet having 1 baby in my arms and 1 in my belly.  Rest assured, that one will be framed!

Okay, I've finally gone through all of our beach pictures and I have a lot to share.  It was a great week...which is evident in all the pictures below.  I know it is alot but there were just so many goods ones.

Our bags all packed and ready to go.  I actually thought we did pretty good - considering we were gone for 8 nights.  Good think it's summer time and the clothes are smaller!

We got lucky and had beautiful weather the entire time.  It was hot though!

Sunday was Father's day.  We celebrated some there but mostly before we left.  Keith is a great dad and I hope he knows it every day of the year.  We are all so lucky to have him!

This is mostly what you get when you try and take a picture of 3 small kids.  Chaos!
And yes, they matched every night.  All cousins do that, right?!

Us with our Dad on Father's day.  

Keith showing Saw an airplane.

My mom made Harp and Hen these adorable suits!

Uncle Jon Jon is the best -- everybody loves him!

Saw's first time in the ocean.  He didn't know what to think!  Let's just say we spent most of our time at the pool.

This was more his speed...relaxing in the shade.

On a train ride at Pier Park.

This is a genuine yawn...both of them.  So funny.

1st time on a carousal too.

He was so serious -- never cracked a grin.  And he was ready to get off about halfway through.


Getting creative with Jon and Sarah.

Another attempt at a shot of the kids.  

Everyone went to ride go-carts.  But it was kind of late so Saw and I stayed behind and had an ice cream date.

I don't think he missed the go-carts.

And then it was Thursday and time to head to Birmingham for 3 more action packed days.  I'll share the rest of the pictures tomorrow.

It was a great vacation.  It was a special trip and we made so many memories.