Friday, June 10, 2011

16 months!

Dear Sawyer,

I can hardly believe you are already 16 months old.  Sometimes I look at you and you seem so big to me -- so independent.  But then I think you have only been in this world for 16 short months - there is so much for you to experience and learn. 

You are the sweetest child.  You will give hugs and kisses which is the best part of everyday for me!  But I also feel like you are starting to test the boundaries too.  You know what "no" means - you will shake your head and say no but then do whatever it is we are telling you not to do anyway.  You will also lay down and throw a fit if you don't get your way.

You are in the "uh-oh" phase.  Everything you drop (or throw in the floor) you always say "uh-oh".

Your trucks are your favorite toys right now.  We play with them everyday.  You love to push the buttons to make them make noise and push them across the floor.  

You still love to be outside.  And you especially love watching people cut their grass. You will be so still and just stare at them. 

You've recently started playing fetch with Cooper.  It is really sweet and funny to watch.  You throw the toy (about 2 feet) and Cooper will get it.  And he usually tires out before you and then you don't understand why he isn't fetching anymore so you try and put the toy in his mouth.

You are still a really good eater.  Breakfast is your favorite meal.  Some foods you really love include: muffins, chicken nuggets, any kind of pasta or meat with sauce, cinnamon rolls, green beans, corn, ice cream, carrots, graham crackers, nilla wafers, cheese and hot dogs.  So far you aren't too picky and will eat pretty much whatever we are eating!  And you LOVE your milk.  You are constantly going to the fridge to tell us you want your milk.

You are still a great sleeper.  You are staying up later, which is actually nice.  You go to bed around 9 and wake up between 6:30 and 7.  You are still taking 2 naps - morning and afternoon.  Ranging from 1.5 - 2 hours. 

You have 13 teeth now.  You are wearing size 4 diapers.  And you are mostly wearing 18 months clothes but also some 24 months and size 5 shoes.  You weight around 25 lbs. and are around 30 inches tall.   

I'm really looking forward to this summer and doing lots of fun stuff with you.  You are so much fun to spend time with.  And I also want to soak up and cherish every second with just you before little brother gets here.

I honestly still have a hard time putting my feelings into words.  But I love you more than you could ever imagine!



Amanda said...

I love these posts that you do and I know that one day so will Saw man! He really is looking more like a little boy these days and I really need you to make him stop growing so quickly! So precious...he looks more like you the older he gets too! :)

BeLLa said...

I agree with Amanda -- your posts and the subsequent blog books you make at the end of every year will be priceless to Sawyer. But more than that I'm so thankful for your blog so that I can enjoy seeing everyday life at the Jacksons. xoxo

Kathy Jo said...

As I have said before, your words are beautiful! Somehow your are able to put your words into such feeling and emotion that I just feel it too! I don't know what picture I like the best!!! He is ab-so-lute-ly ADORABLE!!!

Can't wait!!!

Much love to you all!