Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Just some recent crafts...

My mom and I started making these t-shirts when she was here.  They were in the clearance section at Target.  We bought 3 - 2 to cut up and make flowers with and 1 to sew the flowers on to and wear.

Making our flowers.  There are a million tutorials online about how to make fabric flowers.  They are super easy and we were using super thin, soft knit so they were very forgiving.

Ready to stitch them on the shirt.

All finished -- not bad for a couple of dollars and maybe an hour or 2.

And I made a new camera strap -- my old one was looking a little ratty.  And I included a pocked on the inside of this one.  To hold my lens cap (that I am always losing), remote, chapstick, whatever!  I used this tutorial to make it.  It was really easy!  

Too bad this can't be my full time job!


Amanda said...

So cute! Ya'll are so dang crafty it kills me! :) I am in love with that camera strap...too cute! :)

morgan823 said...

Love them both!! You can make me both and send them my way! :)

BeLLa said...

your t-shirt looks great! love the new camera strap and what a clever idea to add the pocket. xoxo