Monday, June 6, 2011

Pictures from our weekend.

We had a great weekend.  Last week was a long week for me work wise so I really enjoyed this weekend.  And my Mom is here so even better.  We spent some time outside after dinner Friday night and we got some cute pictures.

And for the anonymous commenter the other day - Cooper is fine.  He is usually right in the mix.  And he has shocked us all at how good he is with Sawyer.  He takes a fair amount of abuse (Sawyer is still learning the art of "gentle") but Sawyer makes up for it at meal time so all is well.

Sawyer likes to go up and down the slide as many times as my arms will allow.

I'm pretty sure Keith and Saw are making the same face!  And I think it means I don't really want to take this picture!

My mom took this picture after his bath - she had him laughing so hard.

We spent a good part of the weekend sewing - we are trying to finish the bedding and the bassinet bedding.

We made good progress - but this little guy tends to slow us up.  But we don't mind one bit!

Sawyer got this ride on toy for Christmas and we tried it out yesterday for the first time.  He liked the toy but hated the helmet.

Keith trying to teach him how it works.  Saw would push the button to go and once it started immediately take his finger off - so it was a jerky motion.  It was so funny.

But overall, he liked it.  And I'm sure as he gets a little older he'll really love it.

So, it was a nice weekend.  It is so good to have my Mom here.  And she is here for another week.  Yay!


Kathy Jo said...

That little 4 wheeler is just so cute, but Sawyer riding it with that helment on is just CUTER!!! I'll say it again...stop the clock!! He is just growing so fast! Your pictures are always wonderful to see!!

I am counting the days til our vacation!! I can't wait to get Lil Man in the sand and watch him play!! We are going to have such a great time with the entire family there!!

I hope you guys have a great week! I know lots of sewing will be done!

Love you all!

BeLLa said...

all i can say is that sawyer is absolutely precious. xoxo