Monday, July 11, 2011

Popsy and Nonnie Visit

My Dad and Kathy were here visiting for a couple of days last week.  We really enjoyed having them and Sawyer loved playing with them!  Here are some pictures from the few days they were here!


Trying out the big boy swing!


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Kathy Jo said...

Tiff and Keith...we had such a GREAT time (as usual) with you all!! My Lil Man is such a sweet, precious, growing little boy! I think about his dance moves and it just makes me grin!! :) And as usual we came home with about 10 extra pounds from all the good eats you guys had!!

The next time we will see you will be to meet Baby J #2!! Time has just flown by and I can't wait to see him!!

Much love to you all - and give Nonnie kisses to Lil Man!